Jon Muller

Dealing with Workplace Fatigue

Understanding and Dealing with Workplace Fatigue

One of the most overlooked hazards lurking in most businesses today is workplace fatigue. It contributes to over $136 billion in healthcare costs annually for US employers from loss of productivity, increased absences, and fatigue-related medical claims. As an employer, the first step to tackling workplace fatigue is to understand the various facets of this […]
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The Different Types of Power Naps to Skyrocket your Productivity

Human napping has been explored in various research studies, and the results seem to disprove the masses who argue that naps are a waste of time. A 2008 study performed by Mednick, Cai, Canady, and Drummond concluded that a nap in the middle of the day had more of a positive effect than caffeine on […]
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Coworking Space Development and Trends in 2019

How do you plan to work? Most organizations in the 1990’s and before invested major capital in building offices and infrastructure. Privacy and a walled off garden was the norm and goal. Not any more. Coworking spaces have translated from an idea to mainstream business in the last decade. According to 2017 Global Coworking Survey, […]
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