Jon Forknell

5 Business Risks That Keep CEO’s Awake at Night

Most CEO’s that I know don’t sleep much. They travel extensively, take meetings at all hours, and seldom shut down. This is probably the typical personal nature of those who strive for high-level leadership positions. Most seem to thrive on challenges that businesses have, create and produce, and the demands they make on leadership. Business […]
December 4, 2019 19 Reads share


5 Ways to Get Your Employees Out of the Office

The question isn’t whether you should let your team members escape the office. The question is rather, how can you encourage your employees to leave their desk and take a more modern approach to work?
December 1, 2019 1,155 Reads share

Taking Care of Your Business When You’re Taking Care of Your Parents

Entrepreneurs are a different breed. If you are one, then you know the many ways you stand out from others in the workforce. You are constantly planning the next steps for your success. Every conversation is an opportunity to network and expand your knowledge. One single job or client bores you because there is not […]
November 21, 2019 84 Reads share