Jon Forknell

5 Business Risks That Keep CEO’s Awake at Night

Most CEO’s that I know don’t sleep much. They travel extensively, take meetings at all hours, and seldom shut down. This is probably the typical personal nature of those who strive for high-level leadership positions. Most seem to thrive on challenges that businesses have, create and produce, and the demands they make on leadership. Business […]
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5 Ways to Get Your Employees Out of the Office

The question isn’t whether you should let your team members escape the office. The question is rather, how can you encourage your employees to leave their desk and take a more modern approach to work?
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Taking Care of Your Business When You’re Taking Care of Your Parents

Entrepreneurs are a different breed. If you are one, then you know the many ways you stand out from others in the workforce. You are constantly planning the next steps for your success. Every conversation is an opportunity to network and expand your knowledge. One single job or client bores you because there is not […]
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Make Your Trade Show Booth Dollars = More Sales

Trade shows can be grueling, both as an exhibitor and as an attendee. Exhibitors spend thousands of dollars on space, rentals, furniture, employees, flights, hotels, and more. And attendees are often lost in a maze of aisles, giveaways, mixers, and educational seminars. It can be difficult to stand out in the hubbub surrounding entertainment, sponsored […]
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Business Plan: Stay on Course by Revisiting It

Your Business Plan: Stay on Course by Revisiting It

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re probably a workaholic too. They do seem to go together in the hard-driving worlds of business creation, growth, and development. You’re probably working every day to bring your dreams to fruition and develop a viable business that meets your needs. Is it what you planned when you started out? What […]
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Controlling Your Marketing Message

Protect Your Image by Controlling Your Marketing Message

Every organization, no matter the size, must diligently protect its message and reputation. By that, I mean the way that people interpret and remember the impression the organization makes in its product, service, and communications. For nearly every product you’ve used or experienced, you can probably remember something specific about it. Maybe it was the […]
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Generation Z Like Shopping in Physical Stores

Gen-Z’ers Like Shopping in Physical Stores. Get Them to Choose Yours.

Generation Z will be the predominant retail customer within the next five years. We may have an aging population of baby boomers, millennials, and younger, but the Gen-Z group of teens and young adults in their early 20’s has a whole lotta buying sway coming your way. By the end of the decade, they will […]
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How to Maximize Your Employees’ Downtime

Every business has its slow times. Some are seasonal, and some employee downtime occurs on a daily basis. Employees are valuable assets, so using them to productively improve the quality of your business is important. A quiet day in a restaurant, for example, watching employees lean on the back counters and chat can be frustrating. […]
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The Top 4 Ways to Motivate Your Employees and Improve Productivity

Employees who are not engaged in their work can bring an organization down, cause problems with productivity, and lead to overall unhealthy company culture. These unmotivated employees also affect the bottom line, costing US companies roughly $500 billion per year in lost productivity. On the other hand, engaged employees are more likely to show up […]
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