John Boudreau


5 Steps to a 30% Increase in Revenue &Amp; A 147% Increase in Profit in 2017

The new year has begun, now what? In 2016, Envisionable’s clients achieved a 30% increase in revenue and 147% increase in profit! Did you achieve what you wanted for your business in 2016? Do you want to achieve greater results in 2017? After working with over 50 business in 2016, here’s what we found as […]
January 28, 2019 212 Reads share


Matching Management Teaching Styles With 4 Different Personalities

We are all aware of how personality clashes can disrupt the work environment, but there’s a more subtle — and sometimes more damaging — clash that you need to be aware of. When management teaching styles clash with personalities, productivity suffers, the employee suffers, and the company suffers.
October 14, 2013 423 Reads share