Joe Pawlikowski


5 Crucial Aspects Of Managing Remote Employees

Anyone managing remote employees needs to understand that their needs are different than those of in-house employees. Remote employees enjoy a more flexible lifestyle and tend to take advantage.
May 7, 2018 2,566 Reads share


Content Marketing Is A Team Sport: How To Build Your Squad

At its heart, content marketing is about all aspects of the AIDA framework: attention, interest, desire, and action. In many cases that does involve content creation, but a content marketer is much more than a content creator.
October 2, 2014 1,480 Reads share


5 Crucial Tips For Creating Strong, Memorable Brand Names

A brand name can make or break a business. Choose a weak, unmemorable name and even a revolutionary product can flop. Would America Online have succeeded if it kept its original name, Quantum Computer Services? It's a pretty safe bet that Google wouldn't have caught on if it called itself BackRub, as it did in 1996.
July 2, 2014 6,105 Reads share


How To Cut Costs By Reducing The Cost Of Each Sale

How much money does your company spend in the pursuit of making money? It might sound like a silly, circular question, but it gets to the heart of an important issue for any small business.
July 5, 2013 3,519 Reads share