Jessica Edwards


Six Ways to Encourage Creativity in Your Office Environment

Creativity is about intelligence having fun. It often strikes in a flash, rather than a steady wave. Team leads and business owners try every trick in the book to find ways to channel their teams’ creativity into a project. If you’re wondering how to help your workforce along their creative journey, here are five ways […]
April 10, 2022 3,154 Reads share

Six Spots in Your Home to Set Up Your Work from Home Nook

Work from home began as a necessity but has now become a way of life. Many organizations are consciously allowing their workforce to operate from home as it helps increase productivity, efficiency, time management and overall workforce happiness. But with independence and efficiency also comes the challenge of finding the perfect work from home spot […]
April 9, 2022 1,244 Reads share

Five Essential Fixtures You Need to Set Up for a Backyard Poultry Business at Home

A backyard poultry business is an easy and lucrative business for homeowners with a large outdoor space. This business requires only a few hours of time and routine daily tasks, offering steady income to families. Unlike any other business, a backyard poultry farm doesn’t require heavy investment. However, it does require some planning in terms […]
April 8, 2022 673 Reads share


5 Ways You Can Make Your Office More Pet-Friendly

Offices have evolved from being mere places to work to be second homes for employees. Employers are consciously facilitating opportunities that help employees establish a personal connection with their place of work. From networking to recreation and events, there’s a lot that can happen besides work. Making offices is a pet-friendly zone is a step […]
April 7, 2022 5,705 Reads share