Jeffrey Corolla

How to Maximize your ROI Through Inbound Traffic

The number of active web users in the UK has increased markedly since 2006 when just 16.2 million Brits could be regularly found online. This number grew to exceed the 40 million mark in just 10 years, while it peaked at a whopping 46.6 million during 2020. This has at least partially contributed to the […]
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Promotion of Small Businesses via Email Marketing

Why do more and more representatives of small businesses prefer using Signalhire email hunter? Is email marketing becoming more effective than traditional ways of advertisement? Today, we will find out if it is possible to develop a business using only this email marketing method. There is a strong opinion that promoting a business via the […]
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7 Questions You Should Ask Your Insurance Provider Before You Buy

All businesses need commercial insurance. Insurance for small business protects you from loss and liability.   In most states, there are minimal policies that you must have. For example, all businesses, regardless of the size and number of people employed there must have Workmen’s Compensation insurance. This assures the employee that they will have medical treatment […]
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The Complete Guide to Building an SEO Strategy

Many business owners often wonder how they can optimize their websites for search engines. The answer to that question was simpler a few years ago. Back then, all one had to do to rank their website higher was to fill their content with keywords and rich anchor texts with links. However, search engine optimization is […]
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How to Build a Team Responsible for Web Accessibility at Your Organization?

Your organization is going through an agile transformation to match with the digital age and its accessibility requirements. Or you may be making your eCommerce website accessible to increase your sales. Whatever your reasons may be, you must have realized by now that web accessibility is a dynamic and ongoing process. Just like SEO techniques, […]
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How to Achieve an Agile Transformation of Web Accessibility Practices at Your Organization?

In earlier days, it was a common conception that web accessibility practices could not get incorporated in an agile environment. That’s mostly because, in those days, making a website accessible was a manual, time taking and expensive process. Many developers compared website accessibility to the hydra dragon. When they solved one accessibility issue, two more […]
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Having These 5 Traits Can Polish Your Crude Leadership Skills

If you’re a businessman or you work in a corporate firm, after taking a mere glimpse at the title, you’d know by now how crucial it is to acquire traits that lead to craft the best leader out of you. I mean, this is why you are here reading the blog because the bait, title, […]
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How to Find a Reliable Translation Agency Amidst COVID-19

2020, the year that future generations will remember as the pandemic year. As the world communities work towards the betterment of the communications amidst Coronavirus, a reliable translation agency can serve that purpose. Currently, from healthcare professionals to corporate businesses, the need for a sophisticated translation agency has never been more critical. Realistically, there are […]
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4 Brilliant Ways to Increase Your Credit Score

Your credit score is the first thing most lenders see when you apply for new credit. It’s what tells lenders ‘yes, let’s move forward’ or ‘no, you are too much of a risk.’ According to Experian, the average credit score is 703, which often secures borrowers good interest rates and terms. To help you put […]
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