Jessica Bail

Students Taking Online Courses

Why More Students are Taking Online Courses

Today, online education has become the chosen path for millions of students across the world. In Australia alone, over a dozen universities have more than 4,000 students pursuing online courses, and many of those have more students online than on campus. What’s the reason for this growing affinity towards online courses? Let’s find out. The […]
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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

How Sexual Harassment in the Workplace is Still a Problem

Ever wondered if you should have a lawyer in your professional network? Your office may or may not have a law department and the stress word here is ‘criminal lawyers’. A safe and inclusive workplace remains a utopia because instances of sexual harassment in the workplace is still a problem. It affects both men and […]
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How to Develop EQ

How to Develop Your EQ

Emotional Quotient or Intelligence (EQ or EI) is a fundamental resource to fuel success in our personal and professional lives. The ability to perceive and understand emotions of our own and that of others, to manage and steer these emotions in a productive way measures our EQ. Why EQ is important The conscious development of […]
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