Jayce Redford


How To Design Your Email Drip Campaigns

Without an email campaign, your marketing strategy is incomplete. Emails, whether in the form of regular newsletters or occasional offers, keep your leads engaged. There is no better tool for lead retention. One of the most effective methods of email marketing is to use an email drip campaign. This refers to automated emails that are […]
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Recommended Software for Small Businesses Looking for Best Productivity

In 2020, you need to nail your productivity as a small business owner. By getting bogged down in menial tasks, you will have less chance to actually work on the projects at the heart of your business. If you are searching for the best software for improving certain areas of your business, here are some […]
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Sahel Majali and the Mid Group

Sahel Al Majali founded the Mid Group in 2014, serving as the company’s Chairman. The Mid Group is a dynamic development, construction and investment company. The Mid Group works with private individuals, education providers and the public sector. This leading construction company has secured and delivered numerous large-scale construction projects across the UK. Greatfields The […]
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How Does Academic Transcription Differ From Other Types of Transcription Services?

Transcription, in general, refers to the process of converting audio files into written text. Many professions require transcription services. Some of the most common include the legal profession, the medical industry, and academe. It makes sense since, in all of these industries, information and data are vital to most of the processes. Nowadays, transcription services […]
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Fahad Al Rajaan


Fahad Al Rajaan: A Short Bio

Born on the 23rd December 1948, Fahad Al Rajaan is a successful Kuwaiti businessman. From 2000 to 2015, Mr Al Rajaan presided as Chairman of Ahli United Bank (formerly the United Bank of Kuwait), Bahrain’s largest lender by market. The PIFSS In 1984, the Government of Kuwait assigned Fahad Al Rajaan the role of Director […]
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