Javeria Gauhar

Best Practices: Improving Data Preparation for Business Intelligence

You’ve probably read it a thousand times already, but we’ll repeat it, ‘data is the new lifeline’ of companies today. Unimaginable volumes of data and the number of channels through which this data is flowing is overwhelming systems and resources. However, companies have yet to make use of this data. Less than 0.5% of data is […]
August 8, 2020 937 Reads share


Five Reasons Data Scrubbing Software is Important and How it Impacts Business Value

Data scrubbing is a popular term for data cleansing, the process of fixing incorrect, invalid, incomplete, and duplicated data in a database. Companies today are racing to be data-driven, which requires them to lean on their data to make strategic business decisions. For this to happen, the company must have access to data that is […]
April 22, 2020 1,726 Reads share