Jake Anderson


Are Rugged Laptops Truly Durable and Value-for-Money?

Top tech brands boast of some special highly durable, shock-proof, adverse weather friendly laptops in their portfolio that are impervious to the everyday dangers posed by gravity, fire, water, etc. Ever wondered if those devices really make sense in the real practical world?
April 24, 2015 1,590 Reads share


3D Rendering & Modeling as an Emerging Tech Business

From films to building models, 3D rendering, along with 3D modeling, has found a way into many aspects of our life. But where did 3D rendering and modeling come from? How did these come about? Find yourself curious about how it all began?
February 20, 2015 1,290 Reads share


4 Small Business Ideas For 2015

Building a small business from the ground up is one of the most rewarding professional experiences out there, and watching it grow is even better. However, that doesn’t mean that every industry is at its peak of potential. Here are four great ideas for small business ventures that have excellent prospects for 2015.
January 30, 2015 1,757 Reads share