Jafar Sadhik

An Overview on Facebook and Our Privacy With It

The present model of internet and requirement of data collection machines Recently, Facebook has been piled up with all the negative comments from normal people to noteworthy celebs. First reason being, a data breach at the Cambridge Analytica. It followed by an investigation of Mark Zuckerberg by Congress. Though, it didn’t affect badly for Facebook […]
March 21, 2019 1,789 Reads share
blogging success stories 2018


The Best Blogging Success Stories Ever!

The evolution of Web 2.0 gave people the power to express. Since the possibilities of the internet are endless, users who were good at expressing thoughts and ideas in words started writing blogs. As more and more blogs got published, it gave shape to a whole new digital content ecosystem – the Blogosphere. Fast-forward to […]
October 15, 2018 3,625 Reads share