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7 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

A happy employee is a loyal employee. At one time, yearly raises were enough to keep employees satisfied and productive. Today, it takes more than just money to keep an employee on your payroll. Workers want to feel valued and appreciated. They also value work-life balance more than a higher paycheck. Here are seven ways […]
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9 Simple Tips for Startup Success

Whether you’re in the early stages of your startup or getting ready for launch, your main focus is success. It’s the dream of every entrepreneur to bring their vision to life, and watch it succeed and grow. But there are many steps between the dream and the launch. These nine simple tips can help your […]
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Should Your Business Have Multiple Blogs?

Blogging is the foundation of most content marketing strategies. Maybe you have a blog of your own on your business website. Just when you had grown accustomed to posting and finding topics for your audience, someone comes along and tells you that you need another blog, It’s becoming common practice for businesses to have multiple […]
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4 Ways Businesses Are Using Video to Increase Their Reach and Engage Their Audience

Video marketing is huge, and its rise has continued in 2018. The average person watches 1.5 hours of video per day, and 81% of businesses are using video for marketing. Video has helped the majority of businesses that already use video for marketing, with 99% of businesses claiming that they’ll continue to use the medium […]
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4 Ways Businesses Are Going Green, Saving Money and Attracting New Talent

Businesses are making an effort to go green. Starbucks has been working on ways to go green, attracting press, saving the planet and bringing in new talent at the same time. There’s a good reason for small businesses to go green, too: tax credits and deductions. Going solar, for example, provides a 30% tax credit […]
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Multilingual Website


8 Reasons You Need a Multilingual Business Website

One of the great things about the Internet is that it connects people from around the world. But one of its greatest strengths is also one of its greatest weaknesses. When visitors from other countries visit your website, they may not be able to understand your copy, unless it’s a multilingual website. Google Translate can […]
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