Jackie Prendergast


Middle Child at Work?

Does your place in the family pecking order impact on your personality? Is it possible that being born first...
July 15, 2010 2,470 Reads share


Inspiration overload?

We all have great ideas. The trouble is we often don't get to develop them because we simply don't remember what they were. How can you harness those ideas?
March 17, 2010 2,531 Reads share


Business planning – is it just a paper exercise?

Lots of people write business plans and then leave them to gather dust. Others run a mile from the very notion of a business plan. But is it just a paper exercise or what is it all about? Do you really need one and iIs there a simple way of approaching it?
January 9, 2010 3,236 Reads share
4 Tips to Implement a Rewarding and Inclusive Wellness Program in Your Organization


Rewarding poor performers – are you guilty?

Do you reward under-performance? It may sound strange but it is a regular occurence in organisations. And of course the problem is that we don't think about it as "rewarding" and we certainly don't consider the impact it has on our high performers.
November 24, 2009 4,201 Reads share