Himanshu Rauthan

Five Facebook Messenger Bot Builder Platforms

Top 5 Facebook Messenger Bot Builder Platforms to Boost Your Business’ Productivity

  Conversational chatbots and messenger marketing have taken the center stage in improving customer experience and business revenue over the past few years. The ease of implementation and multiple use-cases of our chatbot friends have made them the first choice for a lot of leading brands. Albeit it’s very clear that bots will never be […]
October 3, 2019 3,287 Reads share
Free Marketing Automation

Automate your Marketing for Free: Here’s how?

Modern-day marketers and small businesses are quite familiar with marketing automation and its pros. They really want to incorporate marketing automation into their business strategy. Better lead generation and the ease with which marketing automation fits in the workflow makes it hard to be ignored. Leading benefits of using marketing automation according to B2B marketing […]
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If you ask people around you about the ways they use to promote their business or services, you’ll probably hear the names of the usual suspects like email marketing, social media, PPC, SEO, etc. On the contrary, if you’ll ask the actual consumers about the factors which influence their purchasing decisions the most, recommendations from […]
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