Nitika Singh

8 Digital Marketing Strategies to Expand Your Real Estate Business

The real estate market is influenced by several variables, including interest rates, the local economy, and the labor force’s size. Amidst these changes, the way people approach housing has also considerably changed. Now customers are starting to purchase homes in new ways, frequently starting with internet market research and a distinct idea of what they […]
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5 Factors that Make Digital Branding Essential

Most big companies share one big factor credited to their success- a loyal customer base. Digital marketing is a highly leveraged strategy companies across industries use to build their audience and improve their visibility. However, developing a brand identity is essential if your company wants to grow a loyal customer base. Branding refers to a […]
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Small Business Loans: 4 Actionable Tips for Choosing the Right Loan Option

  Whether your business is facing a temporary shortfall of money or you’re planning to expand operations, a small business loan is an ideal financing option. One of the biggest advantages of business loans is the convenience. You have the option to approach a wide variety of lenders and seek a suitable loan. However, shopping […]
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How to Succeed in the Outreach Link Building Campaigns?

You should consider more than just your on-page SEO campaign if you would like your website to rank higher on search engines and drive organic traffic to your company. Among the most important aspects of an effective SEO plan is off-page optimization. Backlinks are not everyone’s favorite off-page SEO method among the many available. Lead […]
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Work Wear: Understanding the 4 Types of Dress Codes

When you work in the business world, you need to ensure that you always put your best foot forward. Whether you are meeting with clients, investors, business partners, suppliers or any other entity associated with your company, it’s crucial that you make the right impression from the outset. Studies have shown that you have just […]
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Three Key Ingredients that Make an Engaging Marketing Video

Whether a marketer or a business owner, you might employ digital marketing as your mainstream marketing strategy to generate more traffic and sales. If you don’t want to wait a year before you have to see results through channels like SEO, you must think of marketing videos.  Hubspot surveys suggest that over 70% of buyers […]
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Plan Your Next Successful Virtual Event Using These 7 Tips

Companies of all sizes can conduct virtual events due to the technological advancements in video streaming services. For a standalone venture, online exhibition, or live event, you can host any virtual event with a virtual event management company to showcase your brand offerings to a global audience. Furthermore, Google Trends suggests that the trend to […]
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How to Ensure Your Emails Reach the Inbox of Your Audience

Email marketing is one of the most solid marketing channels available for marketers. It has been serving millions of companies worldwide to attract new customers as well as extend its support to existing ones.  It is one of the oldest digital marketing tools there is. However, it has improved significantly in terms of technology and […]
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How Psychology Plays an Integral Role in Growth Hacking

  Companies and marketing firms often use traditional channels that are staples to fuel business growth. Traditional media can be expensive and can consume a huge chunk off of even the biggest marketing budgets. Alternatively, growth hacking can be a much more efficient way to boost business and marketing metrics.  It is a specific way […]
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Buying a Home With Mortgage vs. Cash – 4 Reasons Why Mortgages Always Win

When talking about expensive lifestyle purchases for an average Joe, weddings, housing, and education costs are a significant part of the equation. While we will talk about education and weddings in another post, this article is about all the reasons taking out a home mortgage from credit unions could be a better reason than buying […]
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