Grace Frenson

7 Ways to Address and Mitigate Workers’ Concerns of Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is an integral aspect of running any business. To ensure the heath and safety of your workers is to ensure you have workers at all. Worker’s safety and health must be a top priority when running any business, but aside from dealing with your workers’ concerns, you must deal with the safety itself. […]
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Data Loss is Not Just A Security Problem, It’s A Business Problem

Data loss, whether caused by an external attack or an internal mishap, has long been considered problem cybersecurity teams, IT departments, and CIOs need to worry about. However, while technical implementation plans should be in the hands of experts, the risk of data loss itself is something that concerns all areas of a business. The […]
March 20, 2021 79 Reads share

10 Ways to Make Your Tech Business Stand Out

With the technology industry being the advancement and continual growth of today, it is important to stand out. Certain brands, icons, and people are automatically placed in our heads when we associate it with technology. If you are able to take initiative and work hard to implicate these ways to help you stand out, your […]
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