Giorgi Mikhelidze

building a website for a financial company

How Important is Webpage Experience for Financial Companies

The financial industry is considered to be one of the most boring industries in the business world. Well, in terms of marketing campaigns that they can squeeze their business model that it. There is a certain assumption that companies such as banks, brokerages and hedge funds are supposed to have a very conservative approach to […]
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thematic website design

Is thematic website design worth it?

When creating a website, the design needs to be an integral part of the plan. Nobody can just make an HTML line and call it a website right? Standards are way higher than that today. However, tackling the process of designing the website is extremely hard. For one, it needs to have the correct shapes, […]
June 4, 2019 50 Reads share
search engine optimization

Best Rankings Methods for 2019

Websites whose primary products are reviews of specific products, tend to devote 99% of their attention to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of their website. Most are reluctant to pay considerable attention to the design aspect of the pages, which in the end, could lead to a potential competitor overtaking them. In fact, if you […]
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