Grace Frenson

6 Marketing Strategies You Should Know Before Selling Your Self-Published Book

  Self-publishing has paved the way for many new authors to get their books out on the market. Traditional book publishing companies will go as far as helping you from print to marketing; however, as a self-published author, your work doesn’t end when you self-publish a book. Becoming a book publisher is just the beginning […]
July 7, 2021 1,831 Reads share

10 Ways to Support Your Small Business’ Employees

A small business is only as good as the people that make it work. This means that employees are a critical part of the success and stability of any company. Make sure your employees feel appreciated, supported, and valued with these 10 recommendations. 1. Offer a flexible work schedule Offering a flexible work schedule is […]
June 23, 2021 1,042 Reads share