George Hillston


Top 5 Challenges Of Organizational Learning

Organizational learning can be most effectively defined as the continuous process that improves the organization's ability to respond to internal and external changes
August 21, 2014 7,143 Reads share


Why Is Workforce Management Critical For Business Success

The term workforce management comprises all the elements involved in this complex process, including employee scheduling, time and attendance, payroll and benefits, performance management, and HR administration ─ just to name a few.
February 18, 2014 1,928 Reads share


Technology Is Becoming A Big Part Of The Tax Department [Infographic]

Accounting Principals recently created an infographic explaining the many new developments in the tax industry ─ and how to keep up. It covers topics including new technologies popular in the industry, the increased importance of taking proper security measures, and tips to use new technologies to boost your career.
November 28, 2013 1,305 Reads share