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7 Tips To Encourage Employee Feedback And Improve Workplace Experience

Businesses need their employees for them to grow and thrive in their industries. Based on this, you, as a business owner, should put your workers’ needs at the forefront, even as you look for ways to make profits. The first primary step to achieve this is by improving your team’s workplace experience. By doing this, your team will be satisfied and work positively with you to attain your company goals.   […]
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How Soft Pulls Can Affect Your Business

If you own a business, you must be thinking of ways to increase your customer base. The typical way businesses today do this is through marketing and advertising. But did you know that there’s another surefire method to get potential customers?   When businesses consider adding new customers, they often turn to consumer data aggregators for […]
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Top 8 HR Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

In recent years, people worldwide have noticed the vast changes in the business landscape.  From the work-from-home setup to the increased adoption of digital means of trade and communication, most of the companies are forced to transition to survive in the new normal. What’s more, a global talent shortage, better known as the ‘Great Resignation’, has impacted a lot of organizations and how they look for the right candidates to […]
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8 Steps To Designing An OSHA-Compliant Industrial Workplace

A workplace is only as strong as the industrial equipment it houses. All too often, industrial accidents result from improper installation or faulty equipment design.   The standards provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the United States protect workers and facilities by restricting unqualified practices. Enforcing these standards is up to industrial facility managers. They’re the first to understand industrial workplace compliance and maintain a safe industrial facility.    […]
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6 Top Talent Management Trends For 2022

Are most of your talented employees leaving your business? Are you wondering how you can retain them to help your company reach its highest peak? It’s time you adopted talent management. Talent management involves growing your employees, personally and career-wise, as they work for you. Managing talents is worker-oriented, aiming at providing a comfortable yet challenging working environment for them.  The […]
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13 Smart Tips For Purchasing Business Equipment

Business equipment might be the make-or-break point for your business. Is your business lacking in productivity, or there’s increased machinery downtime? It’s time you invested in the right technology for the growth of your business. Acquiring equipment for your business requires you to make informed decisions. This article will enlighten you on how to purchase machinery for your company for increased efficiency, hence more profits.  […]
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5 Smart Tips To Retain Subscription Box Subscribers

Subscription-based businesses have been growing steadily, yet many companies are still challenged in maintaining their subscriber base. Statistics show that the median churn rate (the rate at which customers stop doing a business) for the industry is 10.54%.  The success of your subscription company depends on your subscribers’ retention. If your subscribers aren’t in it […]
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Fleet Management 101: 5 Tips To Ace DOT Safety Audit

For motor carrier transporting properties and other items for compensation, strict compliance with some federal rules and regulations is essential. For instance, if you want your trucking business to operate legally, you must register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). However, aside from registration, it’s essential to pass the Department of Transportation (DOT) safety […]
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Cultural Fit During Hiring: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

As the business landscape continuously evolves, hiring people with years of experience and the right attitude is no longer enough. To ensure that your hiring process stays relevant and your business remains successful, you need to look for individuals who fit your company culture.     The idea of looking into how ‘culturally fit’ an applicant is […]
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How To Choose The Right Insurance Software For Insurance Agents

As technology experiences rapid evolution, most insurance company agencies have found it necessary to switch to new insurance software to keep up with the evolution. Different insurance agencies replace outdated insurance systems or invest in new ones to improve inefficient and ineffective processes. However, finding the right insurance software isn’t a walk in the park. You’ll have to undergo various steps to get the right software to fit your requirements. Here, […]
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