Frederik Bussler


Giving Feedback The Right Way

The main reason tech startups fail is building something no one wants. Validation is the practice of ensuring that there’s actually a market need for what you’re doing, but the validation doesn’t describe how the offering will be improved. Feedback is therefore essential to iterating upon your product. We often hear about user feedback and […]
November 8, 2019 576 Reads share
Word of Mouth Beats Paid Ads

Word-of-Mouth Beats Paid Ads: A Case Study

Modern Marketing Paid advertisements have long been a staple of modern marketing, with the allure of getting clicks for money-making Facebook and Google Ads tools in every marketer’s toolbox. Early adopters of Facebook and Google Ads received massively underpriced attention and clicks to their content. However, in the years since these tools have debuted, a […]
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