Feisal Elmi-Nooijen


How Necessary Are Credit Card Fees and Mockups

The world is leaning more towards cashless spending for obvious reasons. Apart from how much it costs the government of a country to print money, moving around with money is very risky. You could lose your card and not lose any money but if you lose cash, and you never find it, then you have […]
March 16, 2020 1,604 Reads share

Why It’s so Difficult to Manage Money: The Way Forward

Money is a very important commodity in the world. With money, there is an unlimited number of things that you want that money can buy. Even if you ever get enough money to buy everything you ever need, before you finish buying them, some of them would already have newer versions that you might want […]
March 16, 2020 1,777 Reads share