Faye Ferris


Long-Tail SEO: How to Reach Page One of Google Through Content

  A small business can’t possibly compete online with the Kogan’s of this world, right? Wrong – so long as you pick your battles. Armed with keyword search tools and your own, shrewd judgment, you can stake out your own small, lucrative territory in the Googleverse by optimizing for ‘long-tail’ terms. And an effective way […]
January 30, 2019 1,890 Reads share
Business Partners and Friends


From BFF to Business Partners: 3 Must Have Conversations

Can friends be business partners? At some point, we’ve probably all idled away a few hours with our friends talking about starting the perfect business. In a way it makes sense – you can trust each other and likely have a similar outlook on life. What could possibly go wrong? Some estimates suggest that 40 […]
July 21, 2018 2,912 Reads share


The 10 Attributes of a Successful Entrepreneur

Most successful business founders possess at least most of the following 10 traits – and the most successful possess them all. So how do you score on the 10 essential attributes of being a successful entrepreneur.
November 10, 2016 18,031 Reads share


10 Tips on How to Buy a Business

Once you have established your personal skill set, go ahead and follow these 10 straightforward steps to buy a business:
June 22, 2015 2,181 Reads share