Emma Williams

Improving Your Client Reporting with Reliable SEO Software

Excellent customer service is the cornerstone of all great companies, even search engine optimization providers. According to a recent survey on the importance of customer service, 55 percent of the respondents say that they’ll pay more if a company will guarantee great customer service. Furthermore, 86 percent of these respondents also said that they were […]
November 14, 2020 1,258 Reads share

The Future of Dentistry: How Dental Innovations Are Changing the Global Dental Industry

Right from the first human civilization, technology has been man’s best friend. It has gone through different stages, changing our world and the way we live in it. Technology is present in almost every area of human existence. Medical technology, for instance, has revolutionized the healthcare system around the world. Advances in medical technology have […]
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How Can You Boost Your Lead Generation Rate With Interactive Content

Today is a time of inbound marketing. You can’t just push your product or service towards a customer that doesn’t want it. In fact, lead generation continues to be one of the biggest issues faced by marketers. That is, perhaps, why a lot of marketers are turning to interactive content.  In this blog, we will […]
April 22, 2020 1,314 Reads share

How Entrepreneurs Are Balancing Education and Business

Many, if not most, students balance their work commitments during their master’s education by simply quitting or reducing their work responsibilities, but what if that’s not an option? For many entrepreneurs and small business owners, returning to school to pursue an advanced degree is a necessary step to growing their business, but putting that business […]
March 2, 2020 1,422 Reads share
Generating Real Estate Leads

Generating Enough Leads as an Essential Key to Your Real Estate Business Success

The real estate business has been around for a long time — way before technology and the internet took over the world. It is only understandable that a lot of business-minded people have pursued trade. Although having real estate as a career is not easy, you’ll be earning more than enough the moment you learn […]
December 20, 2019 1,301 Reads share


15 Debt Revenue Recovery Tips: Developing a Debt Revenue Recovery Strategy, Tools & Technology and More

Each year, billions of dollars are owed to healthcare providers, government, credit card companies, and utility companies. Customers fall behind with their payments and inhibit you from collecting revenue due to various reasons, such as loss of employment, poor health, or mediocre customer service experience. So, here are 15 debt revenue recovery tips, including some […]
December 9, 2019 1,645 Reads share
Steps to Launching a Successful Referral Program

10 Steps to Launching a Successful Referral Program

One of the fastest ways to drive traffic and sales to a website is through a referral program. This leverages your existing visitors and customers and gives them the power to promote your business for you. Through this, they are able to refer their family and friends to your site. With the power of trust, […]
July 11, 2019 1,615 Reads share
How To Make A Book Cover The Winner

How To Make A Book Cover The Winner

Book covers, today, are a crucial part of the promotional strategy for a book. Gone are the days when people believed in “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Today, a book cover starts the process of initiation. Well-designed book cover designs spark intrigue, resulting in the book to stand out while showcasing the prime […]
June 14, 2019 1,204 Reads share

4 Reasons Why Data Marketing Is King in 2019

With the growth of big data, will data marketing be even more popular in 2019? What are the reasons why you should incorporate it into your overall marketing strategies? To know more about the advantages and how it can help your business grow, here are the top reasons why data marketing is “king” in 2019. […]
April 25, 2019 1,949 Reads share