Emad Rahim

Marketing Strategies to Build a Diverse Customer Base

Building a diverse customer base should be your number one priority, no matter your company’s sector, strategy or developmental stage – startup or established business. With a broad clientele come other operational challenges, but those are offset by the increased sales you can derive over time. To diversify your customer base, you can use many […]
April 12, 2019 2,786 Reads share

The Proactive Entrepreneur Leader: Negotiating Your Startup For Success

Now that you have finally set up your company and are ready to operate, don’t make the mistakes that tens, if not hundreds, of eager entrepreneurs, have made before you. Whether it is a lawsuit for copyright infringement or enmity with investors or disagreements with co-founders, many things can derail a startup – even before…it […]
February 21, 2019 1,466 Reads share

10 Characteristics of a Social Entrepreneur

A social entrepreneur is someone who has decided to turn his or her entrepreneurial bent onto the social realm, to undertake an initiative that will benefit the greater number of people, not just a few shareholders or stakeholders. This kind of entrepreneurs typically meshes the rigor and risk-taking you see in all business owners, but […]
February 19, 2019 11,988 Reads share

2016 Entrepreneurship Takeaways for Nonprofits, Marketers, Educators, Managers and Leaders

Wow, can you believe we are now in 2016? I spent a great deal of 2015 writing and talking about best entrepreneurship, business financing options, marketing, and new venture creation. We discussed ways nonprofits can benefit from entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, global marketing strategies, thought leadership branding, and emerging trends in business education. We also continued […]
February 6, 2019 2,186 Reads share