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Custom Color Envelope Advantages


The Advantages Of Custom Color Envelopes

Businesses have long understood the importance of marking themselves out from the competition wherever possible. In a crowded marketplace, it’s essential that businesses, both large and small, take every opportunity they can to carve out their individual identity. There are many ways to do it, yet one particularly is sorely underappreciated. Colored envelopes are an […]
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10 Critical Sales Boosting Steps When Planning Your Next Event

Trade events and conference speaking opportunities are a dream come true if you believe in  Simon Naudi of Answers Training[/caption] Earlier this year, The Irish Event Organisers Association (IEOA) provided sales training for its business clients and associates at The RDS in Dublin during an Exhibition Open Day. They enlisted the help of a very […]
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100 Green ‘Monster’ Tips: Ethical And Eco-friendly Cost-Saving Ideas For Business

The following post is a joint collaboration between  CleanTech gadget saves money with Renewable Energy : The Solar Window Charger designed by XD Design[/caption] 11.  Intelligent Energy Monitoring shuts down peripheral devices when a computer is not in use. During sleep mode a signal is sent by USB cable to the plug board and specific […]
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The Good, The Odd And The Quirky: Confessions Of An Events Professional

If you are in events, PR, media or even marketing, there’s a strong chance you have picked up some useful habits, strange ticks and useful eccentricities along the way. I have worked on project management, on building sites, inside department store window displays, in exhibition halls, backstage and onstage. It’s affected my world view and […]
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