Elijah Masek-Kelly

5 Reasons Traditional Authentication Methods Need to be Replaced

More and more websites on the World Wide Web are requesting users to create an account and sign in to use their services. You might even have your own website that requires just that. By asking users to log in, you’ll be able to track their usage more effectively, which will allow you to devise […]
December 19, 2019 1,288 Reads share

How a Content Marketing System Can Increase Your Sales

Content marketing is everywhere nowadays. Even if consumers don’t recognize a sly CTA or the thousands of advertisements they see in a day, marketing is always present. Don’t believe me? Dozens of case studies and a multitude of research might convince you otherwise. For example, in Content Marketing Institute’s 2018 research, they revealed that 91% […]
November 28, 2019 1,094 Reads share
Use Text Messaging For Your Business

10 Ways To Use Text Messaging For Your Business

Marketing to your customers can be tough because the average consumer is subjected to a sea of ads every day. The question is: how do you make your ad the buoy the consumer can cling to on the otherwise crowded ocean? Is text messaging for business the answer? Even the wittiest copy could be ignored […]
November 11, 2019 750 Reads share