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Banks Should Know About PFM Development


What Banks Should Know About PFM Development in 2020?

Not so long ago statistics showed low adoption levels on Personal Finance Management (PFM) systems. Indeed, the 10-12% adoption rate can hardly be a strong motivation for banks to invest in PFM development. But the financial industry is changing, shaped by customers, who are looking for some financial coaching instead of financial education.  In this text, we […]
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Transformation of Digital Banking Trends

The Transformation of Digital Banking Trends and Nice-To-Haves into Essentials

There are a lot of articles out there about Digital Banking trends, but few of these trends become must-haves for digital banking and fintech projects. So, in this text, we are going to provide insights into the most promising changes in banking software development. In addition, we are going to touch upon such topics as cost […]
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Digital Banking 5 Things you Need to Know Before Starting a Project

Digital Banking: 5 Things you Need to Know Before Starting a Project

Pitfalls and issues will inevitably arise while working on any project: from building a house to creating a digital banking system. This article is backed up by vendor experience to help you learn more about the implementation of digital banks and types of obstacles you may encounter. Sure, 5 is a very optimistic number of possible […]
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How to Manage Your Remote Software Development Team Effectively

How to Manage Your Remote Software Development Team Effectively

That was predictable: outstaffing or managing virtual teams came along with a boost of digital products on the market. According to some analysts, in the next few years,  data-href=”https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/02/28/1401356/0/en/New-report-finds-majority-of-companies-are-embracing-remote-teams-yet-more-than-half-lack-a-remote-work-policy.html”>about one-third of skilled full-time employees will work within remote teams or hybrid teams. Even though it may be a massive challenge to find a skilled remote team, […]
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custom rfp software development

How to Write a Software Development RFP for Adequate Vendor’s Estimates?

Software development RFP (Request For Proposal) is a document created to inform potential vendors about the project, learn more about their domain expertise and receive project cost and time estimates. As there are no rigid standards and templates for an RFP, businesses create documents, which match their product specifics best.
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