Ehtesham Peerzade

Integration of Technological Innovations to Disrupt the Smart Office Market Positively

A Smart Office is a high-tech fusion workplace with a human touch. Considered to improve the general office space with the best management tools, smart offices make workforces work smarter, better, and faster. Businesses nowadays keep a secure attachment with high-tech advancement in one form or another. It has altered the concept of employee experience with creative […]
March 13, 2020 343 Reads share


5G Technology—The Future of Work That Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Can 5G offer us a lifeline for exponential technologic action? The answer is yes—provided it is deployed and developed in the right way before it is too late. Though 5G technology research work is still in progress, it’s set to enhance enterprise connections intensely by powering emerging AI technology and transforming IoT sensors in foreseeable […]
February 20, 2020 863 Reads share