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9 New CPQ Software Market Emerging Trends

In addition to the foundational technologies, CPQ software has helped businesses sell goods and services by generating professional price quotes and proposals in minutes. However, there are still new trends emerging from the market daily, which are responsible for increased sales, profit, and productivity.   9 Emerging Trends In CPQ Software The CPQ market is […]
June 29, 2022 1,612 Reads share


Why Dropshipping is a Revolution in The eCommerce Industry

Not quite long ago, the eCommerce industry took the world by a storm; consumers can, from the comfort of their homes, place orders for products from anywhere in the world and get their orders delivered to their doorsteps; it was unprecedented. eCommerce gave the brick and mortar form of retailing a big jolt; it is […]
June 12, 2022 1,017 Reads share


How Software Enablement Can Enhance Digital Transformation

The business world now knows that digital transformation is no longer a hype word; it’s a necessity for relevance and survival; if you fail to digitally transform your business, you will be kicked out of the market. Notwithstanding that businesses have seen how important digital transformation is and are embarking on different digital transformation initiatives, […]
May 28, 2022 1,374 Reads share

How To Use Change Management Strategies For Marketing?

When you’re performing a marketing campaign, things don’t always work out. Whether it’s because times changed and people moved on or simply an inaccurate guess as to what consumers would best respond to, change is necessary. It’s not something that anyone likes, but nevertheless taking into account the current situation is an important part of […]
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10 Email Marketing Hacks to Double Your Deliverability Rate

According to a report, email users sent and received around 306.4 billion emails daily in 2020. Estimates indicate that this number may go up by 70.4 billion by 2025. You might wonder how many emails you must send to recipients’ inboxes. It tells you if an email marketing campaign is successful. You may channel ample […]
May 5, 2022 1,450 Reads share
multichannel ecommerce business

5 Benefits Of A Multichannel eCommerce Business

The evolution in technology has changed the shopping habits of people. Businesses of all sizes are taking an active part in the system and becoming active sellers.  The multichannel approach to online shopping is only helping to drive more profit. Selling via branded websites, mobile apps, and marketplaces has become extremely common. Most eCommerce businesses […]
September 30, 2021 1,095 Reads share