Eamonn O'Brien


Is It Time To Give Old Ideas A New Spin?

Do you ever get reminded of old ideas and instantly realize that with a modicum of dusting off or general tweaking that maybe you should revisit them?
May 7, 2012 1,762 Reads share


Boost Your Personal Profile To Grow Your SME Business

Why should people buy from your company? Sure, you’ll need to have a mix of compelling offers, superior service, value for money, easy access and so forth. But increasingly that’s not enough. Your company may need a ‘personal’ credibility boost to win more business.
April 5, 2012 1,951 Reads share


Public Speaking – Why Leaders Must Crave Trust

Whether it’s Merkel, Sarkozy or other EU leaders who take to the podium to calm nerves – the markets aren’t buying many arguments or motives. Speaking in public for the sake of saying something is folly.
March 2, 2012 1,668 Reads share


#SMEcommunity Story Inspires Irish SMEs

Are you fed up of doom and gloom merchants in the media peddling stories about the woes of Ireland Inc – questioning if the country can escape its current mire? Need an antidote? Here’s a social media success story for SMEs you should know about. It’s called the #SMEcommunity – one of the fastest growing social media driven business networks for SMEs in Ireland.
January 31, 2012 2,172 Reads share


6 Great Bloggers You Can Learn From In 2012

Do you already write a business blog or are you about to start one as part of your new year’s resolutions? Whether you’re an old hand or a young pretender, there is much to be said for learning from the best in the business.
January 4, 2012 2,392 Reads share