Doreen J.

Buy Now Pay Later – The Rise of Digital Layaway

Depending on your age, you may well remember “layaway.”  It was a system that allowed you to pay for your shopping over a few installments, rather than shoving a load of cash down in one go. Well, this has found its way into the digital consumer world, and boy does it seem to be popular! […]
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Saving Vs. Investing, Which Should You Do?

Once somebody begins to budget their income properly, they may end up with cash left at the end of the month. In fact, any cash left over at the end of the month should be included in the budget. It is money that is to be put to one side. It isn’t to be spent […]
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How To Get Your Import-Export Business Off the Ground

Having an import and export business is an excellent way to earn a high profit with a surprisingly low financial investment. Import-export businesses are also great as they help you get the chance to meet new global clients to expand your business. There are so many new ways for everyday people to make extra money […]
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