Dmitry Kozlov

Everything You Need to Know About Prototyping for Small Businesses

Prototyping for Small Businesses Manufacturing any product requires an extensive process. Prototyping is a stage that, while it’s not suitable for every product, for those that it is, can present many benefits. A prototype is an early version of the final product and can help identify design and functionality issues. For small businesses, prototyping is […]
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Autonomous ErgoChair 2


Autonomous ErgoChair 2: Best Ergo Chair for Gamers

Enhance your gaming experience using an ergonomic chair that offers incredible comfort for hours together. ErgoChair 2 is an upgrade to Autonomous’ original offering wherein the brand has elevated this chair’s functionality. When you need a stylish yet, functional recreational cum office chair, rely on this model. The ErgoChair 2 is available in attractive color […]
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Develop A Learning Management System Without Breaking A Sweat

With the pandemic still in course, students all over the world have resorted to digitization. The benefits of a Learning Management System are significant but not entirely limited to students. You can also use this to train your new employees who have no idea how your business functions. Every day, more companies are using this […]
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Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer to Get a Green Card?

A green card is quite different from a visa but they are both important when you want to immigrate to the United States. A green card is a document issued to someone who wants to permanently live in the United States. It indicates that the holder resides there permanently and can lawfully work and travel […]
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Why TikTok Is the Right Social Media Platform for SMB Promotions in 2021

Many business owners do not think of TikTok as a social media platform for promotions. They think of it as something silly and entertaining that works as an escape for kids. They would rather concentrate on Facebook and Instagram than invest time and resources on TikTok. Many business owners see TikTok as a platform where […]
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How to Create Giveaway to boost SEO Rank?

Getting your website to emerge on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) among billions is not an easy task. In fact, more than 90% of people look only at the first SERP. The harsh reality is if your website isn’t on the first page of the search engines, then you can’t earn […]
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Finding Winning Products For Your Dropshipping Business? Here Are 4 Tips For You

Most dropshipping business owners wish to sell winning products. They consider it to be a decisive step to expand their revenue to either six or seven figures. The rationale behind it is to survive in the competitive business world and compete with the major brands. Dropshipping businesses face intense competition these days. As a result, […]
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ECommerce development: stages, terms and cost of works

The main marketing lesson of 2020 everyone learned was the important role of eCommerce (electronic commerce) in running a business.  The importance of having an eCommerce website stood in front of all businesses, even those that were willing to stay offline. While people love their Brick and Mortars (physical offline stores), the websites are just […]
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The Greek Real Estate Market for Foreign Investors

This pragmatic guide to real estate in Greece takes the whole spectrum of tax and legal actions and issues that often arise, while you are ready to purchase, utilize, manage, resell, or develop a new property in Greece. These are applicable for both the citizens of Greece and foreign citizens of other European or non-European […]
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Why Video Marketing Products Get Decision Makers To Make Purchases

Many times, companies need to engage decision-makers in extraordinary ways to get them to buy their products. If not, they ignore the marketing messages, or they buy from competitors. So, companies use attractive video marketing products such as video brochures, video mailers, video samples and gift boxes, and point of purchase display and videos (POP […]
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