Dave Landry

Education and the Digital Economy: Strategies That Lead to Success

Education and the digital economy will surely play a big role in the future. Similar to how education is a key aspect in the future of every potential student. The billions of online connections made between universities and students make the connection between education and the digital economy profoundly powerful. Tech should, in fact, support […]
February 28, 2019 2,459 Reads share


Global Business Prospects: Why So Many Companies Are Invested In India’s Economy

India’s infrastructure will remain one of the keys to success. Transportation and telecommunications, especially, are among two of the highest priority. Without these, it is difficult for India’s economy to grow jobs, especially in the technology and manufacturing industries. Technology and call centers are two sectors which have fueled India’s explosion of growth, while manufacturing has slumped in recent years. India’s service sector, on the other hand, has been the second fastest growing service sector in the world.
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Product versus Brand: Why Acknowledging the Difference Is Not That Simple

here are two ways the customer gets to know your business: buying from you and the way you present yourself. Your business is more than the sum total of the products that you sell. You have a brand, your personality in the business world, and it requires specific upkeep that is distinct from your product marketing efforts. Businesses that fail to differentiate between the two often find themselve
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