Chandra Shekhar

Unlocking 5 Steps of Data Transformation and Identifying its Impact

The big data revolution has impacted the world in various ways. It has created a plethora of opportunities for business users and helped them grab a larger market share. While the data volume has increased at an unprecedented rate, the capacity to handle such unfathomable volumes of information is only just catching up. However, modern […]
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Unlocking the Benefits of Application Integration Tool


Unlocking the Benefits of Application Integration Tool

Gone are the days when organizations relied solely on either on-premise systems or cloud computing. On the contrary, organizations employ a combination of both approaches today. Application integration helps companies connect on-premise and cloud applications to transform and orchestrate data essential for driving business workflows. It enables companies to streamline the practice of sharing business […]
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Behavioural Health: Opportunities, Challenges and Advancements

Big Data holds the promise to upend healthcare operations in ways we have never seen before. The Insights leveraged from health data can help doctors in giving precision medicine and delivering personalized care for better outcomes. However, getting access to these benefits is not easy and there are challenges on every turn.  Many obstacles prevent […]
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An Expert Guide: Selecting the Right Data Integration Tool for Your Business

Technological innovations have altered the integration landscape as well and getting consistent access to data has become intensely challenging. As a result, there is a sudden surge in the demand for data integration tools for extracting business intelligence and streamlining computer to computer data exchange. However, while selecting a data integration tool, organizations must ensure […]
December 19, 2018 2,220 Reads share
Enterprise Data Integration

6 Key Drivers to Consider Before Selecting a Data Integration Solution

There is no shortage of data integration solutions in the market – a quick google search will bring up dozens of solutions. When enterprise customers go shopping for a data integration solution, they first need to know what to look for in a current generation data integration solution. Knowing some key drivers can help enterprises […]
August 15, 2018 2,710 Reads share