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Improve Your Video Marketing: 14 Ironclad Tips That Can Help

There’s no denying that video marketing is the order of the day. With 87% of marketing professionals making the most of videos, it is clear that it is effective. However, all businesses are eager for the goodies that it brings. This has caused a tremendous increase in competition. Therefore, there’s a need to improve your video marketing […]
February 12, 2020 2,594 Reads share

Cooperation and Compatibility at Work: 10 Surefire Tips for Improving Work Relationships

It is easy to think that cooperation and compatibility among employees and employers at work are constant elements. They will definitely get along with one another. After all, they all want the best for the business. Isn’t that so? However, we must acknowledge the fact that often, relationships in the workplace are plagued by friction. […]
February 9, 2020 1,868 Reads share