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Brick and Mortar Stores can use Retail Technology to Build Sales

How Brick and Mortar Stores can use Retail Technology to Build Sales

The share of offline sales in retail has been decreasing due to the growth of the online segment. Analysts at Tranio international real estate platform outline options for innovative retail technologies (ReTech) for retail stores to help reverse this trend.  Offline, or brick-and-mortar, retail continues to go through a period of dangerous drops in market […]
October 15, 2019 2,107 Reads share


European Commercial Real Estate: Investor Expectations vs Reality

The general trends of 2018 After evaluating the state of the market in Q1 of 2018, experts from Savills predicted that the upcoming year would equal to the previous in terms of annual volume of investment in European commercial real estate, amounting to roughly $283 million. However, based on the latest RCA data, this did […]
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Investing in Real Estate? Here’s What Your Budget Can Buy

  Have a budget, ready to invest? There are many options out there: apartments, hotels, offices; but what about a retirement home or shopping? Smart choices depend on your budget, your knowledge of the market and the short or long-term outlook. This guide to investing by budget is here to help you figure what’s the […]
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Five Main Trends in International Real Estate

How are things going on the global real estate market? What future challenges does it face? International real estate platform Tranio presents an overview of the main trends investors should consider now and in 2019. Germany is ‘a safe haven’ Germany is still one of the most popular countries for international investors. According to the UN, the […]
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German Real Estate Development Tips for Investors

Tranio has been working with overseas real estate for more than eight years. Over the past three years, the company has been focussed on development projects, primarily in Germany. Good investment projects are not easy to find in the central European country: there are not enough projects to meet investment demand, and local professional developers […]
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