Barney Austen


How Healthy Is Your Business?

Business health and measuring of same if greater than measuring purely the financial metrics. It should also be about the measurement of customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and the overall operational effectiveness.
July 7, 2011 2,995 Reads share


The Challenge Of Honesty

When a business is challenged to stay afloat, the temptation can be to exaggerate capability. Capability to deliver to our customers on what they have looked and paid for. The trick is to ensure...
April 12, 2011 1,977 Reads share


Consultancy Engagement And Scope Control

Consultants are often engaged to help a company when specific expertise is required. For that engagement to be a success, it is vital that the engaging company ensures that the scope of the work is defined and...
January 13, 2011 2,945 Reads share



The skills associated with project management are directly relevant to services businesses. The management form is often seen as being associated with IT and Engineering, but every business can benefit from understanding how to deliver their projects more effectively.
August 31, 2010 2,794 Reads share


Mayday, Mayday, Help Needed!

Support desks are the frontline for many businesses in providing customer service and support on products and services they provide...
July 13, 2010 1,820 Reads share
Facebook Influencer Marketing: A Brief Guide


Free, an assumption too far?

Free is an effective marketing and sales tool. In the on-line world, have consumers become too expectant for everything to be free?
April 14, 2010 1,589 Reads share


Customer Loyalty – It’s all about CRM

CRM is not just a concept for big business. It applies to all businesses but it has become, like so many other things, over-engineered on the back of product developments. It is about knowing and understanding your customer to deliver a greater benefit to you business.
March 18, 2010 2,457 Reads share


Diary of a virgin entrepreneur – age 40 ¾

Some helpful hints for first time entrepreneurs and business people. There is lots too think about, but some things are more important than others. Hopefully this article will give you some help.
March 16, 2010 3,073 Reads share


Lost At Sea. Focus on the Lighthouse!

When we start out in business, we can often lose sight of why we started off in the first place. While it is important to understand our market and listen to our customers...
February 22, 2010 1,944 Reads share


A Holiday? Are You Mad?

Holidays/Vacations are an important aspect to our working lives, yet many choose not to go on them to the detriment of themselves and their businesses.
January 27, 2010 1,989 Reads share