Top Mobile App Development Trends to Watch For

When it comes to the mobile app development market, changes are an inevitable fact of life. In fact, whether we’re talking about user experience, innovative features, best practices, development tools, or the actual technology itself, what’s good and popular today, might not be so good or popular by tomorrow morning. Therefore, as a developer, or […]
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The Complete Reputation Marketing Guide

When it comes to marketing yourself as a business, agency, freelancer, or any other type of online professional, there’s no better form of advertising than the word of mouth of your existing loyal customers. Why? It’s because when someone tells one of their friends or family members about your business, they’re getting the information straight […]
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How to Get Started with Location-Based Marketing

Are you a marketer interested in getting started with location-based marketing? If so, then you’re in the right place. In recent years, there’s been a huge increase in the number of people using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. And with this, location-based data has quickly become one of the most important tactics used by […]
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Guide Website Categorization

Full 2019 Guide to Website Categorization

Full 2019 Guide to Website Categorization Website categorization is defined as classifying websites based on their content and purpose. Website categorization in correlation with other data feeds is mainly used as a cybersecurity tool to examine website credentials or identify malicious domains and sites. However, this method of gathering cyber intelligence can also prove useful […]
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Contextual Marketing Next Big Thing

Why Contextual Marketing is the Next Big Thing?

Chasing down your audience has been a staple of digital marketing since the rise of social media and personal info proliferation. It makes sense – it is much easier to offer your product to people who are most likely to buy it, than shoot blanks into a large audience and hope for the best.  But […]
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How to Build Your Own Real-Time Chat App Like WhatsApp?

How to build your Own Real-Time Chat App like WhatsApp? Communication can come in many forms. From talking over the phone to a letter by snail-mail, humans are finding different ways to communicate. In recent years, there have been technological innovations that have changed the communication game and significantly increased the pace of human communications. […]
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10 Steps to Understanding the Mobile App Development Lifecycle

10 Steps to Understanding the Mobile App Development Lifecycle Mobile applications have provided convenient means of accessing platforms that matter to us. From social networks to games, mobile apps have become dominant in the billion dollar smartphone market. The trend had been recorded in reports positing that about 80% time spent on mobile devices are […]
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How to Hire An Mobile App Developer?

How to Hire An Mobile App Developer? When you have an app idea and are ready to develop it, you will more than likely need some professional mobile app developers.  An experienced mobile app developer will help you in validating your app idea and discuss the possibilities to convert your idea into a successful mobile App. […]
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