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What Do CHRO Teams Need Today?

According to a CHRO trends report, in 2019, 47% of CEOs replaced their CHROs with external candidates. The statistic has been growing consistently over the past few years. This is alarming because it highlights a lack of capabilities in internal HR talent. If this continues, 2021 will be the year when more external HR talent […]
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4 Key Areas Private Equity Firms Consider When Investing in a Company

Private equity firms invest anywhere between $50 million and $1 billion in companies in nearly 50 percent of the deals. Naturally, this requires extensive research and extreme diligence, before the firms put their money in. PE firms put a lot of emphasis on research. Not only this helps the firms meet the goal of their […]
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Which Career Pays the Most – Private Equity or Investment Banking?

Most finance and business graduates dream of joining top league investment banks or elite specialized boutique banks at the beginning of their career and thereafter exit to a top-tier private equity firm after two years of investment banking experience to make millions. The typical career path imagined and undertaken by most professionals specializing in finance […]
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Your Primer on MBA Finance – Career, Scope, and Compensation

Opting for an MBA throws several options for you – finance, marketing, operations, and strategy among others. Out of these, finance is one of the most coveted specializations. Working and studying finance requires intensive use of skills in mathematics. Apart from a hefty salary package and a challenging job role, MBA in finance offers several […]
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Changing Role of CHROs


The Changing Role of CHROs

A few years ago, Chief Human Resource Officers, or as frequently referred to as CHRO, existed at a handful of companies. That too at enterprises or conglomerates. In the past few years, medium-size companies have started to bring CHROs on board. This change in the structure among c-suite executives is visible at many companies. Why […]
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Your Guide to the Top Big Data Certifications Today

The need for expert professionals in big data and data analytics is growing more impressive by the day. With big data being cutting edge technology, companies are now being open to big data and its usage. However, finding the right set of technologies can be daunting. But finding the right candidate with the relevant set […]
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