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Psychology Backed Sales Hacks

4 Psychology-Backed Sales Hacks

As difficult as the art of sales may be, it’s not an impossible code to crack. With a thorough understanding of how the human brain processes information and makes decisions, you can figure out a way to sell anything to anyone. A Lesson in Basic Brain Anatomy The human brain consists of three different parts, […]
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How Do You Raise Prices Without Losing Customers?

If you study the history of staple products like eggs, bread, milk, gasoline, and cars, they go up over time. The same is true for non-essential products and services. Some of this is due to inflation, while other times it’s simply a capitalistic response to increasing demand. If your business finds itself in a situation […]
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Use This Military Strategy to Crush Your Competition

What can the military teach a business owner about crushing the competition? Everything! The military has particular expertise in an area that translates well to marketing: intelligence. The Free Dictionary defines military intelligence as “An agency of the armed forces that procures, analyzes, and uses information of tactical and strategic military value.” Intelligence is necessary […]
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It May Be Time for a Marketing Checkup: 6 Things You Should Do

A marketing strategy isn’t something you can set and forget for five years. In order to remain competitive in your industry, you have to constantly revisit your strategy and tweak individual elements of it so they align with evolving trends and market needs. What is Marketing Checkup? In western medicine, doctors encourage everyone to get […]
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Why Upgraded Tech Is Your Team’s Best Path to Productivity

Every manager and entrepreneur spends time thinking about how to boost employee productivity. After all, the more efficiently your employees work, the more revenue you can generate, the less time you’ll have to spend, and the faster your organization will grow. Unfortunately, there’s a limit to how much productivity you can foster through motivational speeches […]
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How Can You Quantify Business Risk?

Entrepreneurs are often well acquainted with risk. They know that starting a business is inherently risky (as about half of businesses fail within the first five years of operation) and they’re often willing to stake tens of thousands of dollars (or more) and months to years of their lives in that pursuit. That said, the […]
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Local Marketing Is All About Engagement

With all of the convenient tools and platforms available to small businesses, it’s never been easier to invest in a marketing campaign. But if you want to see a healthy return on your dollars, you need to prioritize engagement above all else. Why Engagement Matters Most business owners, marketers, and salespeople look at sales wrong. […]
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More Than A Numbers Game: Defining Your Marketing Strategy


4 Invisible Factors Undermining Your Business

running a successful business requires more than technical perfection. Once you’ve built a solid infrastructure, it’s time to shine a light into every corner of your business, identifying factors that could be undermining your success without your knowledge.
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