Anna Melnikova

Where Automotive IoT is Headed and Why It Matters

The automotive industry has always been at the forefront of innovations. As the ultimate combination of convenience, fun, and comfort, cars are what people are ready to pay for and they want them to be nice. To fulfill that need, carmakers pull together the best of modern technology and design, among which Automotive IoT is […]
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The Best Data Science Companies

We live in times of Big Data! Today, we can record and store lots of information, and while some data just needs to be kept, others can be used for analysis to make quicker and more effective decisions. It may be quite a challenging task to analyze an enormous amount of information, both structured and […]
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10 Common Mistakes Of Novice Editors

Post-production is an important stage in any photoshoot that can significantly improve any image. However, editing is not easy and many beginners can’t cope with this task due to lack of experience. It’s not the main thing to learn all the settings and tools. Understanding what you want, having a sense of balance and style […]
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