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Telemarketing Your Business Needs

4 Types of Telemarketing for Your Business Needs

The process of using the telephone to generate leads is called telemarketing. It also makes sales or collects information about marketing. Telemarketing is actually an important tool for business. It can save time and money as compared to having direct contact with consumers. Especially if the location of the business is hard-to-reach. The telemarketing industry […]
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Guide to Instagram Marketing for Fine Artists

The Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing for Fine Artists

There’s a reason why Vogue called Instagram, “the world’s most talked about new art dealer,” back in 2014. They weren’t wrong. It was quite a statement to make, but nowadays, it’s a statement that no one would argue with because it’s never been truer. Remember when galleries used to be the huge deal? Ever since […]
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Ways Artists Can Use Snapchat to Build Online Exposure

4 Ways Artists Can Use Snapchat for Better Online Exposure

When people talk about marketing and promoting artwork, the common platforms that come to mind are Instagram or Pinterest. So let’s ask a question… Are you truly maximizing your online exposure as an artist? Or perhaps you’re missing out on a platform that can change how you do your marketing and even attract new audiences […]
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How to Prepare for a Higher Success Rate with your Business Funding


How to Prepare for a Higher Success Rate with your Business Funding Ability

There are over 27.9 million small businesses and counting, according to the SBA. Over 60,000 new businesses are being formed each year; 20% of small businesses fail in the first year, 30% in the second year, 50% after five years, and 70% within a decade during operation. Yes, owning a business and calling yourself the […]
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The Complete Guide to Maximizing Instagram Story Features for Marketing

How much time do you spend watching all of your friends’ Instagram Stories? Well, if you’re like me, and the rest of the planet that is obsessed with Instagram, then the answer is pretty evident. We browse through all of them so much to the point where we view most of them before we move […]
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You Got Mail: A Forecast on Email Marketing for 2018

Messaging and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all over the place and it makes one wonder. Do emails still exist and is it still worthwhile to invest time and effort in email marketing?
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Managing Micro Moments

Traditional demographics are not enough if you want to stay ahead. Learn about micro moments and how they're being used by big brands today.
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