6 Creative Ways to Overcome Purchasing Challenges

The pandemic has created many new challenges for companies, including state-wide shutdowns and new social-distancing requirements. One of the biggest hurdles companies have faced is procuring the supplies they need to keep their businesses up and running.  In the first wave of the pandemic, we saw shortages driven by increased demand and supply-chain bottlenecks. In […]
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5 Tips for a First-Time Entrepreneur to Turn Your Idea Into Your Reality

Ideas are the bread and butter of every hungry entrepreneur. Countless titans of industry before you have carved out their niche in the market through innovative thinking, and it’s time for a new generation of movers and shakes to stake their claims. Nearly 70 percent of startups were begun in their founders’ homes, so don’t […]
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Harnessing the Power of the Internet: Finding a Real Estate Agent

If you are looking for a quick sale of your home or would like to rent out your holiday home to suitable tenants, you will need the services of a local real estate agent, and while there is no shortage of real estate agents, finding a good one can be hit and miss. Modern solutions […]
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The Benefits of Introducing Smart Home Technology Into Your Business

Millions of homes across the United States enjoy the advantages of smart home technology. An automated home is a household utilizing internet-connected devices for remote control and maintenance of appliances and services, such as lighting and heating. It’s often referred to as domotics or home automation.  This innovation allows homeowners to control smart devices. It […]
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How to Plan Your Guest Post Budget for Your Business

There’s a lot to consider when planning a marketing campaign. With so many small details, processes, and the cost it takes to accomplish your marketing goals, it can be challenging to keep up. Content marketing is one facet of a broader marketing strategy that should be carefully planned and executed through concise action. When presenting […]
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7 Essential Costs Every Business Owner Must Pay

Starting a business is an exciting time, but it’s also an eye-opening experience when it comes to running costs. There are so many things to consider, from the actual premises right through to the printer paper. We’re not trying to put you off; instead, we want to highlight some of the costs you’ll incur every […]
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What You Need To Know About Server Virtualization

Servers are powerful computing machines designed to host files and a variety of applications centrally. Most servers are made up of multiple CPUs, which is what gives the machines their capability to handle several tasks at a go. Network admins assign dedicated processing units to different applications. While this approach makes it a lot easier […]
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Thrive Not Survive – How Business Can Evolve

Throughout history, hardship has always provided a catalyst for growth and innovation. This was borne out in the wake of the great recession in 2008, which initially drove widespread job losses and economic decline across the globe. However, it’s thought that the financial crash also ushered in the age of the so-called  ‘accidental entrepreneur’, as […]
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Content Marketing Tips Experts Do Not Want You To Know

We now know that there are around 4.57 billion internet users that are active and 3.81 billion people that use social media (statistics from Statista). With this in mind, it should be no surprise to notice that so many digital marketers rely on content marketing to increase traffic, sales, and brand awareness.  What you might […]
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5 Great Team-Building Venues to Consider

If you run a high-performance sales team, you won’t need reminding how important team spirit is, and with the pressures of heavy competition, there are times when you need to put your key people in an environment where they can develop as a team. As a business owner or manager, we must always try to […]
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