What You Need To Know About Server Virtualization

Servers are powerful computing machines designed to host files and a variety of applications centrally. Most servers are made up of multiple CPUs, which is what gives the machines their capability to handle several tasks at a go. Network admins assign dedicated processing units to different applications. While this approach makes it a lot easier […]
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Thrive Not Survive – How Business Can Evolve

Throughout history, hardship has always provided a catalyst for growth and innovation. This was borne out in the wake of the great recession in 2008, which initially drove widespread job losses and economic decline across the globe. However, it’s thought that the financial crash also ushered in the age of the so-called  ‘accidental entrepreneur’, as […]
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Content Marketing Tips Experts Do Not Want You To Know

We now know that there are around 4.57 billion internet users that are active and 3.81 billion people that use social media (statistics from Statista). With this in mind, it should be no surprise to notice that so many digital marketers rely on content marketing to increase traffic, sales, and brand awareness.  What you might […]
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5 Great Team-Building Venues to Consider

If you run a high-performance sales team, you won’t need reminding how important team spirit is, and with the pressures of heavy competition, there are times when you need to put your key people in an environment where they can develop as a team. As a business owner or manager, we must always try to […]
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The Power of Storytelling and Why It Must Be Done Right

The power of storytelling is not a revolutionary idea — people have been using storytelling to impart information and convey meaning since the dawn of humanity. But even though storytelling has a long history as a valuable communication technique, brands are recognizing that its potential as a marketing tool is magnified in the digital age. The reason is […]
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The Benefits Of Sending Your Child To An International School

Choosing a school for your child can often be a daunting process while you should also be aware that international schools are becoming more popular around the world for a number of different reasons. Furthermore, it is important to note that parents are now learning more about the main benefits of sending their children to […]
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4 Ways Businesses Can Take Action to Help the Economy

With the U.S. economy projected to shrink by almost 40 percent this quarter alone, companies and consumers alike are facing unprecedented challenges on a daily basis. The next congressional stimulus bill is potentially months away from getting passed, so the responsibility has fallen to American businesses to pick up the slack. While fixing the entire […]
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How to Manage Knowledge for Company Continuity

No matter how many platforms you use or how many audiences you have, your company only has one voice. Maintaining consistency with that voice determines whether people view your company as reliable and honest or disorganized and suspect. How do you ensure customer service representatives maintain a unified front? Does your sales team know how […]
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8 Reasons Why Digital Sales Courses Are Becoming Popular

Without proper sales training, salespeople often learn different selling techniques by trial and error. But that kind of learning style is quite costly and very time-consuming in the long run. This is the reason why many companies are investing time, money, and effort to have their sales team get the proper training.  However, learning new […]
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Restaurant Safety: 6 Tips to Keep Your Eatery Safe

Safety is paramount for every restaurant. A simple mistake can lead to illness, closure of your business, damaged reputation, and in extreme cases, death.  With open flames, sharp equipment, a lot of movement back and forwards through tight spaces and the inevitable spills, it is important to maintain safety in every facet of your eatery. […]
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