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Financial Fitness Update: 6 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Consider in the New Year

Building a growth business is a thrilling ride. Unfortunately for some entrepreneurs, the ride can end in disaster without smart financial planning. If you are thinking about starting a business or have already done so, don’t let your enthusiasm for your company’s potential to take away from your practical focus. Successful entrepreneurs must be diligent […]
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7 Times When You Need to Call Your Accountant

Small business owners don’t have time to waste on tasks that other people could do just as well. As the leader, your days could be better spent finding new clients and building up your business than mucking around in the administrative weeds.  While you may not have enough cash on hand to hire someone new […]
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5 Ways to Add Value to Your Products and Services

In today’s digital age, business owners have more opportunities than ever — and they’re facing more competition than ever. Your customers can choose from a wide selection of global providers. They also have the luxury of nearly unlimited information to aid the buying process. In this crowded landscape, it can be tough to stand out. […]
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How to Evaluate Potential Investors

Investors are the lifeblood of so many small businesses. While many business owners looking for funding often focus on how they can attract the right investors, it’s equally important that these business owners properly vet each potential investor to determine if they’re the right fit for the company. The type of investor you choose to […]
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5 Artificial Intelligence Niches That Need More Startups

Obsessed with AI but not sure where to go next? You’re not alone. Artificial intelligence startups will change the world, disrupting everything from marketing to real estate to space exploration along the way. Founders looking for capital can’t afford to leave their choice to chance. Investors want quick market penetration and a high probability of […]
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5 Things to Remember When Designing for REST API

Being able to create a functional and reliable REST API (Application Programming Interface) is an essential skill for any developer. Not only is this particular skill in high demand, especially in today’s software development industry where online functionality is essential, but it also speaks well about a developer’s expertise when their own application has elegantly […]
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5 Ways to Convince Company Leaders to Take Creative Risks

CEOs of established businesses are nothing if not risk-averse. In their public statements, hiring choices, and marketing decisions, executives tend to toe the line. In many situations, that’s a good thing. Good leaders don’t put their people or their company’s reputation in danger without a reason. But when it comes to branding, taking risks is […]
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Rakesh Sarna Highlights the Need for Constant Learning and Improvement

Constant learning and improvement are extremely important in not only your career, but also your personal life. Not only will it broaden your horizons, but you can get a real sense of fulfillment. Many professionals, like Rakesh Sarna, talk about and promote the importance of this approach for personal development. Many people know that it’s […]
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How to Do Taxes for Your Crypto Gains

Cryptocurrencies are an attractive investment market. The constant variation of the values assets in the crypto markets undergo can lead to huge profits over short periods of time. For example, bitcoin value was at $6,493 in October 2018 and at the time of this writing is valued at over $9,394 per coin. This resulted in […]
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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a VPN

When running a business, whether a start-up or a large enterprise, you have to prioritize safety, and most importantly, user experience. Virtual Private Networks have evolved from being a feature for a select few to be one of the most sought after add ons for many modern businesses. So what is a private proxy? And what […]
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