6 Best Credit Cards for Small Business Owners

If you own a small business, you know the story: When revenue runs short, finances can be stressful. Restoring cash flow is critical.  Wherever you stand in the debit card vs. credit card debate, credit cards have a key advantage: They let you buy what you need without pushing your bank balance down further. But […]
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Recruitment: How To Compete With The Big Brands (And Budgets)

As a small company, you probably know the difficulty that arises when it comes to recruitment. It’s a hugely competitive business and like it or not, money talks. Those top-performing employees will soon get head-hunted and plucked by the firms who are able to offer gigantic salaries. Unfortunately, a lot of people will be swayed […]
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6 Tips for Remaining Present and Engaged All Day Long

Workplace distraction is one of the biggest issues facing productivity today. Up to 70% of workers admit to feeling distracted during the day, a feeling likely to cost businesses serious money as time goes on.  As the coronavirus outbreak causes offices to pack up and workers to head home, new distraction problems may arise. Each […]
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5 Data Points to Help You Track Your Team’s Productivity

Productivity — the art of efficiently doing more — creates a more fulfilling work environment for everyone. Of course, what separates industry leaders like Apple and Google from their peers is a deep focus on maximizing productivity. One influential analysis found that, despite comparable numbers of high performers, these top brands outproduced their competitors by […]
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6 start-up secrets that every new business owner needs to know

There are all sorts of suspicions about the economy at the moment, but one thing that most of us know is that more and more people are starting their own business. Given that most of the world is under some sort of rule to stay indoors, most of these businesses are going to be online […]
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Jobs for Foreigners in Thailand

According to a census executed in 2010, there are more than 2.5 million foreigners living in Thailand, which is about 3.87% of Thailand’s total population. This number excludes the ever-increasing amount of tourists and visitors (some more than 30 million in 2016) that come throughout the year.  The foreigners who live in Thailand need something […]
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Don’t Overlook These 6 Marketing Trends if You Want to Be Competitive

Few sectors in business evolve as regularly as marketing, with new styles and techniques seemingly arriving every single day. In 2019, social media marketing spending outpaced print ad spending for the first time ever — a sign of the massive changes to come. The world of marketing is always in flux, and businesses that want […]
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Top 15 Ways to Generate Insurance Leads

The Hidden Costs of Running a Business

Some business books will talk about the power of the beer mat – and how this small item is enough to note your income and expense calculations on. While you might get away with such an approach when you initially devise your business strategy, over time this just isn’t going to cut it. There are […]
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When Transparency at Work Goes Too Far

Transparency can boost employee satisfaction, as well as customer retention. In fact, 31% of employees feel that more transparency would help them understand their employers’ goals better, and 23% said it would motivate them more. But with trust in leadership faltering and stakeholders eager for all the details they can get, it’s important to ask: […]
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Storage Cabinets Make Your Commercial Van More Functional

Millions of new and experienced business owners depend on commercial vans to service customers. Whether it’s automotive, construction, floral, pest control, or any other industry, they all depend on efficient transportation to service customers. But many business owners focus mainly on the van exterior when acquiring new vehicles and don’t give much attention to the […]
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