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Silence, it turns! And if it was the leitmotif of your Video marketing strategy in 2017? The video is nowadays an accessible format for Internet users. 55% of them watch videos every day on the web. So much so that many marketers improvise writers to boost their content marketing and improve their visibility.

What is Video Marketing and it’s Scope?

Video marketing can be understood as the set of uses of video used for marketing purposes. The goal is to promote its offer to convert prospects and retain these customers as in many marketing strategies. In fact, the video is a complementary media to others to vary the marketing mix and bring another look at the offer.

Videos have also exploded in popularity on social networks. More than 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day, and more than 10 billion videos are viewed daily on Snapchat.

Photo by Unsplash on Pixabay.

On the other hand, it gives a trendier, dynamic and more impressive image. It is also a strategic way to communicate information; to explain, to make your audience aware of the brand, the company, the production processes, the products, the teams.

  • Some eloquent figures make it possible to understand the interest in video marketing.
  • Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined (Brightcove).
  • Nearly 50% of people search for videos related to a product or service before going to a store (Think with Google).
  • 75% of executives watch videos related to their work at least once a week (Forbes Insights).
  • People spend an average of 2.6 times more time on pages with videos than on those without video (Wistia).
  • 75% of mobile traffic will be video by 2020 (CISCO).

Advantages of Video Marketing

The strength of a video lies in its “universality,” even if it also requires learning to decode it, nothing to do with the language barrier. His understanding is much more immediate and mobilizes more emotionally and sensitively. It can provide an incredible amount of information and very difficult to compete with text … there is no photo!

Do you remember better with a video? It’s to do! But on the other hand, you understand better and faster.

Embedding videos on your site increase the quality of SEO. Search engines like videos and with tools like Google analytics it is possible to obtain compelling and useful statistics.

Disadvantages of Video Marketing

A question of cost above all. But they have dropped significantly because available materials have been lightened and democratized. You can also make yourself attractive videos with a simple smartphone, a little lighting, know-how and a lot of creativity. When we see the impact of some YouTubers, it is always possible to dream. After, everything depends on your target and type of hook that you want to put in place. Mostly, it will go through professionals, and it will necessarily be more expensive than a text ticket on a blog, a tweet, a Facebook publication. But the impact will not be the same either.

When to use Video Marketing


It is an exciting tool to develop your content marketing strategy. The content of explanatory videos, “storyteller” and surprising can boost the commitment of your leads. They involve rich emotional connections between your brand and your customers, going as far as becoming iconic objects of sharing, a kind of cult object.

When you have to accompany and promote a product, the video tutorial becomes a unifying instrument. The presentation of the product with its start-up, operation, maintenance, as would require a salon demonstrator, or a host of its guests entirely fulfills this function. For example, 57% of online store customers say that video has increased their confidence in the product presented. After viewing a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.

What Are The Different Types Of Video Marketing?

Today extends to digital marketing, video marketing brings together different typologies (see our article on various types of video marketing). This sample gives you an overview of the full range that the video field covers to meet your expectations.

  • The video interview, the different types of interview videos.
  • The video reportage.
  • The testimonial video.
  • Presentation video or institutional or corporate video.
  • The 2D explanatory video.
  • The video is describing something.
  • The brand content video (tutorials, editing instructions, program videos)
  • The social video.
  • The societal video
  • The viral video.
  • Advertising video related to a campaign with purchase of space.
  • Product videos/sales support service
  • The shoppable video.
  • Interactive video.
  • 360 ° video.
  • The augmented video.
  • The end of the year video

The positive impact triggered by a video increases the purchase intent by 97% and the brand penetration rate by 139%.

On the Internet, video marketing often uses YouTube-like video platforms and channel creation. It also gave rise to the rise of video analytics enhanced by the use.

5 Ways to Start Video Marketing at a Low Cost

If you were not attentive, video marketing is a big concern at present. 92% of mobile users are actively sharing videos with their contacts, while more than 60% of small business and merchants said they would invest more cash in video marketing in 2017.

The content video works particularly well on service or product pages because you can communicate product qualities in a way that resonates immediately. Not surprisingly, four times more consumers prefer to watch a video on a product than read an informative sales content.

People are bombarded with info, data, and stats all day, every day regularly. So, to reduce noise and make your voice listened, video content is your most powerful way to reach people. Video offers viewers a rich sensory experience and arouses sentiments in a way that is just not feasible with textual or image content.

#1. Presentations by Screencast

If you start to get into video marketing, making presentation videos by capturing your computer screen is an efficient and inexpensive option.

We recommend using software (paid) such as ScreenFlow or Camtasia, offering a range of functions and very easy to use. It is also advisable to use a microphone which is good podcasting if you want to add a soundtrack to your video.

Once you’ve prepared your video script and produced the visuals and graphics using PowerPoint, just open your presentation, activate your screencasting software, and talk as if you were giving your performance to live spectators.

#2. Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are well known among e-commerce owners because they pass trust and social proof more efficiently than text critics. Some video testimonials from genuine customers on your sales page can unquestionably help improve Sales.

Fortunately, customers are very lenient about the quality of the video when it comes to testimonials. An outstandingly video testimony may appear to be less reliable since it is most likely very much reworked and shot with multiple shots.

Try to send an email to your old customers and offer them discount coupons in exchange for video testimonials about your service or product. People like discounts, and you will benefit significantly from video testimony.

Video Testimonials

#3. DIY Animations

Quality, animated, explanatory video from a top agency will cost you many dollars. While you are likely to get outstanding results for this type of deal, it’s not in one and all price range.

As an unconventional, consider utilizing DIY animation tools. The vast majority of them are reasonable or free, and you can merely make lovely videos (regardless of whether they are not of the same quality from those professionally created).

#4. Hire Freelancers

Hiring an internal team of video marketing specialists is not possible for everyone. Luckily, with sites such as PPH, Upwork, and Fiverr, you can tap into the global job marketplace and find skilled freelancers to help you in each aspect of your video marketing strategy.

For instance, sound mixing is a most severe parts of delivering excellent video. The vast majority can’t clarify why they think a soundtrack sounds proficient. However, they naturally know when it doesn’t.

#5. Use Live Video

Facebook Live is free to use. This is a great way to create a more friendly connection with your viewers without spending on costly editing software and recording equipment. And for a good reason, your iPhone or any other smartphone can do the trick. Think about video editing on iPhone, if you want to do interviews, reports, presentations, etc. of professional quality and disseminate them on the web and social networks!

7 Marketing Statistics that you Absolutely Must Know

Still wondering what the real marketing benefit of a video is? You think that shooting a video with a mobile or camera will not be relevant to your business. These 7 vital statistics will make you change your mind!

You probably know how Dropbox started. The founders created a short screencast video to explain how the product will work. They shared the demo video on Hacker News and got an enormous community acknowledgment.

Although this was in 2008, marketing through video is still one of the most active ways to bring traffic to your service and products. These 7 statistics will prove it!

#1. Emails with Video Can Increase CTR From 200% To 583%

According to emailappend.services, effective email segmentation can help you to avoid spam and drive higher traffic. Also, clickthrough rates can boost by up to 583 % (you can check out benchmarks for marketing and software industries at MailChimp) when the video is used in email marketing. However, it is essential to implement some best methods. Keep your videos comparatively short, not more than two minutes, and use them at the beginning of the email, where you are sure to catch the attention of the viewers.

#2. More Than 50% of All Videos Are Displayed On Mobile

Not only are beyond 50% of videos seen on mobile but there has been a 233% rise in viewing after 2013. Mobile is also a reason for a 33% overall increase in video views. Anyone involved in the mobile video market should even know that members of the target audience often watch videos of five minutes or more.

#3. A Landing Page With Video Can Increase CTR By 80%

This is simple Statistics. An attractive video that has real added value will gain the immediate attention of the viewer. Even great as various customers collect information about services and products much more quickly if they can recognize them in the video. The use of videos also promotes the faith that is very critical at this step of the funnel.

#4. The Recommended Viewing Time for Facebook Live Videos Multiplied By Three

A live content can attract audiences easily. Live content or video not only captures the attention of viewers, but it keeps it considerably longer. This will gives more time to strike the audience with their message.

It is essential to revive that the most compelling videos will be best done. So, make sure your setup and connection are ready for use. Then be kind and cheerful during the live shoot. Greet members of the audience and answer questions live.

#5. 90% of Customers Say They Rely On Demo Videos to Make Their Decisions

The use of video helps users to make their decisions through all parts of their buying journey. That includes the phase where customers select the service or products that appeal them. By adding product demo videos, brands help customers in the decision process.

#6. 81% of Target Audience Members Saw More Live Content in 2017 than In 2016

2016 appears to have been the test year for live video before bursting in 2017. On top of that, all the signs indicate that live content will continue to grow in demand in 2018. That should be a high motivation for companies that plan to reach their fans with live video and content.

#7. Videos Added To Social Platforms Get 1200% More Actions than Image and Text Content

This statistic shows that videos create a much more engagement than another type of branded content. Companies that want to increase brand recognition and improve their audience should look to video as a way to achieve their set goals.

Video marketing is no longer at the cutting edge of technology. And for a good reason, it is even now possible to edit video on a Mobile! These figures prove that not only should the video be part of your content marketing strategy, but it should be one of its primary segments.

7 Tips for Using Video in Your Emails

To take full advantage of the potential of video in your email campaigns, you must nevertheless respect some good practices.

#1. Prepare an Engaging and Brief Video

Creating your video is the most delicate part of your emailing campaign to monetize marketing strategy. No need to produce a video just for the sake of having one… Offer your customers content with real added value: present your product or service from the angles that interest your prospects and answer the questions they are likely to ask… Do not exceed 90 seconds, according to various studies is the optimal time to attract and retain the attention of Internet users.

#2. Make Sure You Choose a Compatible Video Format with a Maximum of Media

When designing your video, remember that all devices do not support some formats. Make sure your video can be viewed on a computer as well as on mobile devices. Also, make sure that your video hosting site is mobile-ready and supports both Flash and HTML5 formats.

#3. Create an Eye-Catching Thumbnail of Your Video

Give your recipients a first visual preview of your video, including in the content of your email an image extracted from the video with the Play button. Your sticker will be more effective if it is intriguing and curious. It is also recommended to include a face (preferably smiling).

#4. Add a Link to Your Video

While most email clients currently support fully embedded videos within messages, there are still many that are not fully compatible. So that a maximum of Internet users can watch your video, it is therefore recommended to add a clickable image to your email (a link from the thumbnail mentioned in the previous tip).

This link will direct your recipients to an external landing page, which you can create with your email marketing platform, such as MailChimp, Aweber, ActiveTrail. You can also buy an email list in your niche to start early if you don’t want to wait for collecting emails via a subscription method. All you need is to find a reputed email marketing data provider. Nevertheless, not all internet users necessarily display the images in their email. It is therefore also useful to create a text link under each interactive content that you integrate into your email marketing campaign. Also specify the duration of the video in the text, to give more information and encourage your prospects to watch the video.

#5. Place the Video at the Beginning of Your Landing Page or Plan an Automatic Trigger

Make sure your video is visible at the top of your landing page, above the waterline. The readers of your email have clicked on the thumbnail to see the video. They do not want to have to scroll down and look for it. Consider even an automatic trigger of your video. Indeed, if the user has opened your email and clicked the Play button, he should not need to click a second time.

#6. Do Not Forget the Call to Action

Whether your goal is to promote a blog post, event, or product page, you should carefully check that your video is sending the customer to the content of your choice. Never forget to add a call to action at the end of the video to guide your prospects to the next step of your marketing campaign.

#7. Include the Video Word in the Subject Line

No need to have excellent content, if you do not announce it … Therefore, do not forget to indicate the presence of a video in your email. Adding the video word in the subject line increases the opening rates by 19% (Brainshark).

It’s no coincidence that YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world. Video has emerged as an information channel that meets the needs and expectations of Internet users. Surf on this wave to optimize your emailing campaigns, using a marketing automation platform that will allow you to take full advantage of the added value of video associated with the power of email.

Hope this detailed article will help you in Video Marketing in 2018. These details and tips and use of video Marketing will definitely assist you in your marketing campaign which must be included in your promotion plans. Do let us know if you have any queries or suggestions in the comments section.

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How New Technology is Helping Redesign the Business Sector https://tweakyourbiz.com/technology/2017/12/15/how-new-technology-is-helping-redesign-the-business-sector https://tweakyourbiz.com/technology/2017/12/15/how-new-technology-is-helping-redesign-the-business-sector#respond Fri, 15 Dec 2017 07:00:31 +0000 https://tweakyourbiz.com/technology/?p=14483 Technology is a broad concept which came as a result of the success of science and technology; this breakthrough allowed a better automated solution.

The post How New Technology is Helping Redesign the Business Sector appeared first on Tweak Your Biz.

Technology is a broad concept which came as a result of the success of science and technology; this breakthrough allowed a better automated solution. One of the noticeable gains of technology is in the business sector to increase productivity. Business redesign process is a business management tactic, which points to the analysis and the structure of workflows and business procedures within an organization.

This write-up seeks to inform you on the relationship between information technologies and business redesign processes.

Roles of information technology generally

IT has performed a vital part in redesigning concept in time pass; some see it as the main enablement for new forms of working and collaboration within an organizational system.

These are some roles information technology (IT) has played:

  • Share database, by making information present at many places
  • Expert know-how, performing specialist tasks
  • Telecommunication networks give a chance for the centralization and decentralization of an organization.
  • Allowing decision to follow across all areas
  • Wireless communication and flexible computers, allowing personnel to be independent
  • Automatic identification and tracking system. Letting materials to tell you where they are rather than looking for them yourself
  • High capacity performing computers

The importance of information technology and business redesign process is well known to industrial engineers. IT is used in industrial engineering as a tool for analysis and modeling. It has led information technology to the manufacturing scene

The uses of information technology in manufacturing are:

  • Production scheduling
  • Control
  • Modeling
  • Logistics
  • Materials organization processes

From various researches, it has been finalized that IT is a more useful tool in business processes.

How does information technology support business?

Today’s cooperation does not have the comfort of stability, in other words, most organizations have struggled with instability. Recently, the task is often spread across individuals rather than assigning it to a particular person. Industries find it necessary to build more diversity, teamwork, coordinative ability and inter-communication in working capacity. It is more preferable to maximize connection of several activities across the whole areas of the company rather than the utilization of the performance of a single person or business function. This gives a new look to the trade process for the proper management of the firm. IT is promising in the business world.

What are these business processes?

Business processes are systematic methods used to carry out tasks to achieve a defined business outcome or endpoint. Also it the consistent management of people, materials, equipment, energy, and procedures into production activities which are fashioned to generate an accurate result.

Several processes form a business system, the process to which various units’ activities are done in the organization. There are two vital nature of business processes:

  • They have customers; the customers receive the result of any of the business outcome. These clients could be either internal or external to this organization.
  • The process crosses another group; it usually occurs across or between cooperation sub-divisions. These processes are always independent of another team process.

The various methods are:

  • Building new products
  • Request for goods from the manufacturer
  • Creating a marketing design
  • Processing and payment of insurance claim
  • Documentation of proposal for government contracts

What are the benefits of technology to business process?


Technology has helped businesses to automate certain processes that ordinarily it requires manual handling. For instance handling software application like circuit board design software, which helps in multi-sheets design. The sales and booking functions are automated. Businesses now have the ease of importing design to circuit board design tool/software.

One of such IT design tools for introducing design is gEDA: it’s on Linux and generates models which are used in electrical circuit design, schematic grab, simulation, prototyping, and production. gEDA projects offer a weighty suite of free software applications for an electronic design, which involves schematic capture, feature management, bill of materials production, digital and analog simulation and PCB (printed circuit board) design layout. Prototyping business design process becomes easy and automated.

Speed and accuracy

For businesses to compete with their competitors, for them to thrive there is a need to involve technological initiative, to increase their processes speed and improve their business accuracy. This would help them expand the business to several other geographical locations and broaden their horizon.

Better storage

The technology eliminates double or triple entry systems and minimizes the significant amount of paperwork. So, therefore, customers’ details and informative are stored in a data system and can be reached in few seconds. It destroys irrelevant rented storage spaces.

Enhancement of information storage

Technology allows proper dispersal of information at all the levels in the organization. A lot of information can be shared using lesser resources. Information can be sent to millions of customers via the internet, who ready to buy. Businesses can carry out online learning for their employee to break distance barrier.

Five steps that involve the use of information technology to redesign business processes

When organization processes are lacking efficacy, how can they use IT to redesign the process? There are five steps to carry out directly.

#1. Developing business dream and process aims

To successfully redesign your business processes, you must first have a broad strategic vision in which the process design can significantly fit in. Each of this dream has aims. The aims are:

  • Minimization of cost
  • Time reduction
  • Output quality
  • Empowerment and quality of life

#2. Identification of the various processes needed to be designed

The key problem is to identify the various processes which need to be created. This is commonly a headache for most managers because they don’t think their business operates through the process. There are two ways to handle this:-

  • The exhaustive approach; which locates all the processes
  • The high-impact approach; which traces the most vital processes

#3. Understand and analyze the exciting process

There are two main reasons to understand and analyze the existing processes by the redesign. The problems are needed to be learned first so that it won’t happen again. And secondly, there must be accurate analysis as the basis for further improvement.

#4. Identify IT levers

The employment of the intelligence in information technology usage should be the first line of action to determine the business requirements of a function, process, and other business variable and then build a system that will work.

#5. Create and design a prototype of the process

This is the final step of the design process. There are fundamental factors in the determination in the process design and prototype creation; it involves using IT design tools.

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Create a Competitive Space Without Competitors With the Blue Ocean Strategy https://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/2017/11/16/create-a-competitive-space-without-competitors-with-the-blue-ocean-strategy https://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/2017/11/16/create-a-competitive-space-without-competitors-with-the-blue-ocean-strategy#respond Thu, 16 Nov 2017 07:00:10 +0000 https://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/?p=34597 To circumvent and overcome this situation, the Blue Ocean strategy proposes a marketing approach through innovation and make your competitor Irreverent.

The post Create a Competitive Space Without Competitors With the Blue Ocean Strategy appeared first on Tweak Your Biz.

Increased competition, saturated markets, and convergence of markets, consumer volatility … companies operate in a real “red ocean”, red symbolizing the bloody struggle that the market players are engaged in. These are hyper-competitive markets where price war often supplants innovation.

To circumvent and overcome this situation, the

A bit of economic history …

Contemporary in the Great Depression of 1929, Joseph Schumpeter, a German economist, highlighted the driving force behind innovation in driving the economy and growth. The creation of new products, the creation of new services, the adoption of innovative processes and techniques, or the search for new outlets, generate a technological shock that is at the origin of a growth cycle.

Surprising as it may seem to some, marketing is an area related primarily to economics. Supply, Demand, Market, Competition, Individuals, Income, Growth … these terms belong to the fields of microeconomics and industrial economics and are also found in the marketing language. The economy has made small and the marketing is part of this descent. It is therefore natural that the two disciplines intermingle and that the progeny borrows the ideas of its parent.

Innovation and disruption to isolate themselves from these competitors.

Thus, innovation is at the center of a marketing strategy called ”  Blue Ocean Strategy  “. Described by W.Chan KIM – Renée Mauborgne, this strategy as opposed to the “Strategy Red Ocean”. The red ocean is characteristic of the current global situation: increased global competition, saturated markets, and convergence of markets, consumer volatility … In this context, companies focus on competition, differentiation more efforts, cost control, the exploitation of the known and expressed request. All this contributes to an erosion of market share and corporate income.

Like Schumpeter’s theory of technological shocks, the “Blue Ocean” strategy breaks with these corporate behaviors by putting innovation at the center of reflection. Indeed, history shows that the success of companies that have really succeeded originates in a precursor positioning, beyond the universe of direct competition, with simple solutions, which responded to a real need, that the company n had not necessarily expressed. The objective is to seek and create a new strategic space where competition is zero or weak.

The whole point of this strategy is to grow away from direct competitors by creating its own market.

The important thing is to focus efforts on a disruption – with what exists on the market to circumvent the competition.

How to create a disruption?

Create a new experience

Whether it is a product or a service, the consumer experience is at the heart of innovation. The Wii, for example, or iPhone, have been able to offer an unprecedented user experience in the worlds of video games and mobile telephony. Technological innovation is certainly present, but it is not fundamental, whereas experience is unprecedented.

Establish new codes

Benchmarking is set aside, competition should not serve as a basis for reflection. On the other hand, studying other sectors and industries to draw best practices and apply them to one’s own offer may be one way to explore. For example, My Marketing Manager was inspired by a very widespread business model in the business services sector – outsourcing – but not yet widely used in marketing. We also use innovative tools and methods to support our customers, thus meeting our customers’ expectations, connected, innovative and disruptive.

Focus on customers

But not necessarily on the most important customers. The idea is precisely to look for a new “playground” by potentially serving a new customer segment. For example, by launching the first skis designed specifically for women – both technically and in terms of design – Many businesses have benefited from an important growth relay. The simple fact of adapting its offer to the identified women has made it possible to satisfy a need hitherto not expressed.

Putting perceived value at the heart of its offer

This principle applies mainly to services. The objective will be to offer a service perceived as innovation because with a high perceived value. This can be an economy in terms of time or money realized through this offer. Generally, all services aimed at reducing an expectation or saving a chore are valued. Where there is a queue, there is a business to do!

Concretely, what does it give? A few examples to illustrate.

Cirque du Soleil has completely redefined the very offer of the circus, concentrating on the expectations of the spectators. This circus is positioned as an entertainment with a highly innovative image.

Starbucks is an excellent example of a company that has successfully implemented the Blue Ocean Strategy. Many cafes were already established when Starbucks was launched. Instead of focusing on their coffee, they have developed the Starbucks brand as different, a strategy still unexplored in this sector. Starbucks has chosen to develop a wide variety of beverages: coffee, but also teas, smoothies and “Frappuccino”. By providing newspapers and a free wifi network, Starbucks encourages coffee lovers to stay and chat. This has allowed Starbucks to become a social venue.

Tesla Motors has designed the world’s first Electric car with performance and design comparable to traditional high-end sports cars. Today there is very little competition for Tesla in this market and the company enjoys great success.

The Nintendo Wii has chosen innovation as the core of its strategy. This is a key principle of the blue ocean strategy that reduces costs and differentiates simultaneously. To reduce costs, Nintendo has eliminated the hard drive and DVD functionality found in most game consoles and reduces quality and processing graphics. At the same time, Nintendo introduced wireless motion control to differentiate itself from the market offer. This allowed the company to offer a range of new features and benefits that had not been seen in the game world before, such as the ability to use a game console to get in shape or play in a larger social group.

Is this reserved for large companies? Not at all.

The examples below are directly chosen from some of my analysis.

KeeSystem, Fintech based in Switzerland and Monaco, offers software for wealth managers. The company has chosen to innovate further by integrating into its offer an e-banking platform allowing the managers to communicate essential information to their customers. KeeSystem has therefore concentrated on the value it brings to its customers through innovation so that they themselves can value this innovation with their own customers. A virtuous circle of value.

Speaker has chosen to rethink English courses by enabling you to practice English with a native English speaking coach everywhere and all the time. The company identified needs not met by traditional English courses – insufficient oral language skills – and the need to take an interest in learning. She proposes to discuss with a coach according to common interests.

Terre de Monaco, launched in 2016, specializes in urban culture. The company designs and maintains vegetable gardens and orchards in urban areas and on the roofs of buildings. Innovative offerings, proven expertise and a concept adapted to the urban environment allow this young company to experience very good growth.

And even we, EmailDatabase.marketing, have chosen this strategy from the start. We identified an unmet need among small business executives and entrepreneurs: to be able to rely on marketing professionals to advise them, to enlighten them, but also to accompany them in the operational implementation of the actions. Inspired by the business model of outsourcing already widespread in other sectors, we have developed a new offer: marketing outsourcing.

What blue ocean strategy for your business?

While the basic principles of the Blue Ocean Strategy are accessible to all, its implementation generally requires the intervention of experienced men and women, mostly from the worlds of marketing and the economy. However, the involvement of the management team is essential to give an impulse and a vision.

In the same way that Schumpeter’s technological shocks create a virtuous circle of growth, the Blue Ocean Strategy, by departing from the competition, allows the company to initiate growth by capitalizing on a situation offering it comfortable incomes and therefore “to reap”.

However, as Schumpeter has described, the technological shock has a limited duration over time, which varies according to the importance of innovation. There is a time when technology is widely adopted and no longer provides a source of growth. In this case, a new innovation has to come to create a new technological shock to bring about a new cycle of growth.

The Blue Ocean strategy follows a similar path. The cycle of growth initiated by the creation of a new strategic space will vary according to the importance of innovation, real or perceived. If the cycles described by Schumpeter vary from 10 to 50 years, the Blue Ocean has a much shorter lifespan due to an open and globalized economy. Thus, although iPhone has dominated the smartphone market since 2007, it is now largely overtaken by Android which offers an inbound user experience in direct competition with Apple’s innovation.

Creating his Blue Ocean is therefore only a first step. It will then have to be maintained and ensured that it is maintained, forcing companies to constantly renew themselves.

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Should The Community Manager Need To Be An SEO Expert? https://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/2017/03/01/should-the-community-manager-need-to-be-an-seo-expert https://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/2017/03/01/should-the-community-manager-need-to-be-an-seo-expert#respond Wed, 01 Mar 2017 13:00:28 +0000 https://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/?p=31733 Community manager anime communities that research commitment and multiple actions in this direction it is also there to ensure the visibility of its brand.

The post Should The Community Manager Need To Be An SEO Expert? appeared first on Tweak Your Biz.

Besides the fact that a community manager anime communities that research commitment and multiple actions in this direction … it is also there to ensure the visibility of its structure, brand etc …

The independent community managers have also a wider role in the support of their customers on the Internet. They are implementing digital strategies, develop a hearing within the various social networks, and ensure the creation and promotion of content for their clients.

As such, many people are wondering whether the community manager should have deep expertise in SEO.

Once the Community Manager provides visibility of its customers online, including through content created it specifically, we could actually ask themselves this legitimate question.

Is the community manager an SEO expert?

The answer is NO immediately: The community manager is regularly limited to some knowledge of SEO and SEO. He has no claim to be an expert in general. If the SEO is one aspect of SEO, there are 5 major terms that revolve around: SEO, SMO, SEM, SEA, and SMA.

The experts in SEO generally mastered the global dimension of SEO and not just that of said SEO.

They also use a set of tools to make audits and analyze many parameters of a website. The job of an SEO expert, therefore, is both wide and varied. What to remember is that this is a job in itself, for which the community manager can claim to be an expert.

However, the CM is to understand the basic principles of SEO and SMO minimum. These levers are essential and necessary to ensure the visibility of a website/blog. Insofar as the community manager is the content creator, he must know how to optimize SEO articles that he wrote for himself or for his clients.

This is a crucial and important point to complete his writing assignments.

Top 5 terms: SEO, SMO, SEM, SEA and SMA

Flying over these terms to understand what they correspond. The community manager will use some of these levers in his actions and pure SEO master the most part.

It is here that widens the expertise because remember, SEO is a complete and complex discipline that requires constant updating and devote himself full-time.

#1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is optimizing a site and its content to search engines, including Google. It is, therefore, essential for any content creator and therefore to the community manager, to go beyond notions of SEO.

This dimension is among other work for its contents referencing said natural or organic. The webmaster can optimize it on the site.

The community manager will first identify the main keywords related to his prior activity. It naturally inserts them in his essays, while optimizing the “title” tags, “head” and “meta”.

Outside the site (OffPage) there is also the notion of netlinking, to link purchases etc …

The community manager can work on two dimensions:

  1. visibility to be given to content(dynamic part)
  2. Visibility to grant the website(static part)

It is here that fits the concept of SMO (Social Media Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). The community manager is working its content and contacts within the social networks, usually in order to redirect traffic to the website, to give it visibility.

The visibility is given to content and induces the one given to the site.

#2. SMO (Social Media Optimization)

The SMO is the development and optimization of its visibility, through creating and sharing content via social networks. This principle seeks to create or share content on major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest …

As an aside, social networks will be selected according to the objectives and targets within the strategy developed. The community manager so here too, a major role to play.

It is he who will create and relay of content, and optimize them to gain visibility.

#3. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM is attached to the marketing dimension exercised in the search engines but also social networks. The goal remains increasing visibility through keywords that will optimize the site or purchase of sponsored links on the search results pages obtained via search engines.

#4. SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

The SEA is the lever of purchasing buying space on search engines. So we are here in the paid listings. The community manager is not especially involved in this form of SEO.

#5. SMA (Search Media Advertising)

ADM is to make paid search on social networks. The community manager will, therefore, see here an axis to expand its visibility in research activities, in agreement with its clients to allocate budgets there.

Mistakes not to make in SEO

The community manager may already be forging the first experience, learning not to reproduce the classic mistakes many businesses and bloggers in SEO. By consulting the 11 most common mistakes in SEO, it will provide a good basis on which he can rely.

For example, 45% of sites fail the alt image attributes within their site. When you know that Google reference images as well as text, so there better not overlook this point.

35% have broken internal links, which will not help to find the information etc …

Bring attention to these points be located community managers already above average, but in terms of SEO, it does not stop there. A true expert will go much further and propose comprehensive strategies to achieve a result.

In summary

The community manager must still master some knowledge of SEO, including the SEO put forward here. It is not recognized as a real expert even if he can master the big lines. However, it is not his job.

We will retain more global dimension that is SEO, and that includes SEO. Why there are real experts who work only on this expertise, and it is relatively complex and constantly changing.

The community manager is not an SEO expert, but rest assured the visibility it needs to acquire for its customers, as it masters the social networks and viral mechanical to allow it to boost its contents.

If social networks are a community manager for the universe he mastered perfectly, agencies and SEO experts also know the contours to integrate them into their service offering.

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The Strategic Role That A Stable Internet Plays For Productivity and Revenue https://tweakyourbiz.com/technology/2016/04/18/the-strategic-role-that-a-stable-internet-plays-for-productivity-and-revenue https://tweakyourbiz.com/technology/2016/04/18/the-strategic-role-that-a-stable-internet-plays-for-productivity-and-revenue#comments Mon, 18 Apr 2016 12:00:01 +0000 https://tweakyourbiz.com/technology/?p=12022 Let's discuss the strong strategic role in which the internet has taken when it comes to the productivity and revenue of a business and its daily operations.

The post The Strategic Role That A Stable Internet Plays For Productivity and Revenue appeared first on Tweak Your Biz.

The internet has taken a major place in the business world and is a part of the everyday operations in most companies. Using the internet within a business allows you to expand on a variety of platforms consisting of not only the daily operations but also other platforms which give you the opportunity to grow your business through the many marketing methods that the internet has to offer.

With that in mind, let’s discuss the strong strategic role in which the internet has taken when it comes to the productivity and revenue of a business and its daily operations.


If you think about it, if your business or the business that you are a part of did not have access to the internet it would not only cause a lot of issues such as the difficulty of file sharing but it would also prevent an effective way of backing up files as well as causing a problem with your communication levels. Communication is key when it comes to business.

Backing up a variety of things is important to keeping the productive flow going with a business. These things consist of file backups, network backups, and a backup internet.

File Backups are important so that if there is a hardware issue with your computer, you are able to retrieve any lost work and you are able to pick up where you left off or are relatively close to it. This will prevent there being any further setbacks in the workplace once any hardware issues have been fixed. This is also the case with a company’s servers. In order to make sure that a lot of important company files are not lost, backups will be taken on a regular basis. A common way in which companies do file backups is either once a day, or once a week, storing a maximum of 3 hard backups.

Network Backups are important for the productivity so that if there is an internal network problem, the IT Technician for the business can quickly rollback the system and provide a stable platform for the workers to use and continue communicating through the network.

Backup Internet is more important than the others. Having backup internet for business means that if there are external issues such as the internet line being damaged, the company has an alternate line they can quickly resort to. This means that there will be a minimum downtime for the workplace’s productivity flow, providing maximum efficiency which is a top priority.

Communication is above all. As mentioned before, when it comes to a business communication is key. Without communication a lot of time may be wasted on tasks that have been called to a halt, and if you work in the freight industry a lot of shipments which were cancelled could be shipped, causing your company to lose a lot of money. The role in which the internet plays a part here is that a lot of companies provide systems to the separate branches of their company either locally, nationally, or internationally, and these systems are all connected. This means that if an order is cancelled on one machine, it’s cancelled on the other. Maybe you’re a part of a law firm, it’s important that you have great communication with your colleagues at all times so that you don’t end up preparing for a legal case, only to be told that you won’t be handling it. Take advantage of the internet when it comes to communications. Instant messages, e-mails, even Skype voice calls, they are all important for communicating.

If your business doesn’t have a top-notch communication system, now is the right time for you to invest some money and take some time to have an efficient communication system in place. If your financial figures are looking great, then it might be worth you investing in company mobiles for some of your employees that would find use out of it.


Stable internet has allowed the financial side of a business to run a lot smoother than ever before. Given that large corporate businesses usually have multiple branches either locally, nationally, or internationally; the internet is important for the communication of businesses accountants too. Accounting departments are one of the most important departments of a business and to prevent a financial dispute that could cause a company massive debts, it’s important that the financial side of things can be easily shared between the accountants.

Remember, the financial side of a business is what keeps it going on a daily basis. Without finances, it wouldn’t be able to function properly. If a business is failing form a financial standpoint, then drastic measures must be taken in order to turn it around.

Not only is accountant communication important, but it is important that all of the executives in a company have easy access to not only the financial side of the business but all of the files which are a part of their company. If an executive wishes to look at all of the financial reports from the previous month, it is important that they are able to quickly access the businesses network and view these reports without hours of work simply to view a single report for a few minutes. If an executive wishes to take a look at a staff employment list, or even how a certain branch of the business is doing, they should be able to access the network and do so. Not only is this an effective way of keeping a business on its feet but it allows a productive flow, and with strong productivity you’ll notice more work being done internally, hence more revenue.

To conclude, the internet has taken a significant place in the eyes of the business world, and the way in which the internet has been optimized so that it can contribute massively to the productivity of a business’s everyday tasks is impeccable. If you are looking to start up a company or are already an existing company, it’s important that you utilize the internet and take advantage of all it’s wonders.

Images: ”Technology in the hands of businessmen /Shutterstock.com


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A Reality Check for Android Users: Why Apple iPhone is a Better Choice https://tweakyourbiz.com/technology/2016/01/29/reality-check-android-users-apple-iphone-better-choice https://tweakyourbiz.com/technology/2016/01/29/reality-check-android-users-apple-iphone-better-choice#comments Fri, 29 Jan 2016 19:00:06 +0000 https://tweakyourbiz.com/technology/?p=11051 Here we list 10 reasons why Apple iPhone is better than Android. However, please note that this is by no means to say that Android is any less

The post A Reality Check for Android Users: Why Apple iPhone is a Better Choice appeared first on Tweak Your Biz.

The battle between Android phone and Apple iPhone is long and ongoing. While a few Android phone loyalists suggest Android is way better than iPhone, the Apple fans counteract by saying the simplicity of usage makes it the best. Well, if Android phones score over Apple in terms of being an open platform and better customizable options, Apple beats Android hands down with its super cool interface. So, the question still remains which phone is better?

Here we list 10 reasons why Apple iPhone is better than Android. However, please note that this is by no means to say that Android is any less; it has its own unique features and benefits.

#1. Supreme quality camera

If you take a look at the Apple iPhone prices and compare it with some of the premium Android phones, there is hardly any difference in terms of the price you shell out for the phone. But, when it comes to camera quality the android phones are no match to the clarity of the iPhone camera.

This comes in spite of the fact that the android phone has a mind-boggling 12, 20, or even higher Mega-pixel camera. Whereas, the iPhone is not known to offer high MP camera yet the quality of the picture is way superior. Not to mention the iPhone camera are equipped with features like 4K recording, slow motion recording, LED flash lights, image signal process and may more other features you can be rest assured that your images appear more realistic than ever before.

#2. Better integration of software and hardware

With the advent of the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus models, Apple has brought to the fore a new revolutionary technology that no other Android phone in the market could replicate. The 3D touch display on the front panel is smart enough to detect the pressure on the sensor, which allows the users to get quick access to the various applications. A light tap on the home button lets you take a peek in to your email.

Although, android phones have offered ‘Haptic’ buttons for a long time, they is no comparison to the ‘Taptic’ engine on the new iPhone in terms of being super-efficient. Only Apple iPhone has the ability to tie together its software and hardware like this.

#3. User friendly interface

Despite all the attempts by the Android phone makers to provide various customization features for users to make their phone more user-friendly, Apple iPhones still rule the roost and they are acclaimed to be the easiest phone to use thus far. The best thing is that unlike the Android phones, there is a different app drawer to access your apps, and does not have any overlay that gets into your way of browsing the application you want.

Some of the critics of Apple iOS say the interface lacks substantial changes in the look and the feel of the iOS make it a boring UI to use; you must know the lack of change is actually a blessing in disguise. Even the old iOS users can still use the new iPhone with same ease that they once did in the past decade.

#4. Get quick OS updates

This is probably one of the most killer reasons which would even convince even the most ardent Android fan that iPhone is way better. Although, android keeps releasing its new OS version, only a handful of people are able to use it. Unless, you are a Nexus phone user, you would have to switch to a brand new phone to be able to use the latest OS.

The Apple OS, iOS on the other hand is made available to all the Apple users around the world and the best part is the entire Apple device is made in a way that they are future compatible. This means that you can easily upgrade your device to the latest OS irrespective of how old your iPhone is.

#5. No worries of bloatware

The internet is filled with plenty of articles/blogs that provide bloatware removal tips for the Android phone users. Although, Android phone manufacturers have got better at minimizing the pain of having to deal with bloatware problems by lumping all carrier bloatware into a single folder, it still occupies a lot of space on your phone.

With Apple iPhone you will not find single carrier software that is pre-loaded on the device. This makes it the cleanest out of box device. Even though, Apple phone have a few pre-loaded apps that you want to use, they are still much more restrained than Android phone manufacturers.

#6. Best customer support

Typically, when people face any problem with their Android phone, they try various online forums or call their carrier for solutions. But, if you own an iPhone, you can simply visit the Apple website and tap into the huge database of tips and other helpful articles to find solution for your phone problem.

You can even get help through live chat with the Apple customer executive for solutions. You can also fix an appointment at the Apple Store Genius bar to get your phone checked by the professional technicians. The Android users doesn’t have this privilege, they are on their own.

#7. Better parental control

With the iPhone becoming the most sought after smartphone a large number of youngsters have started using the phone. If you want to buy your teenager son/daughter it is best that you buy him/her an iPhone as you would have better control/restriction on what apps your child uses. Apple has a feature called Family Sharing, which lets you share the same apps, books and other content across various devices that your family members own. This restricts the teenage users from using apps that are inappropriate for them.

#8. Apple pay

The need for an efficient and reliable online payment platform is felt now more than ever before. This is where Apple scores amazing brownie points over Android with its Apple Pay. Although, the feature is still at a nascent stage it has been recognized as the best easy to use mobile payment platform that is accepted by a large number of retailers worldwide. Also, the platform has support from all major credit card brands, which is a big plus.

So, what say Android users? Want to give iPhone a try?

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15 Best iPhone Apps You’re Not Using https://tweakyourbiz.com/technology/2015/04/13/15-best-iphone-apps-youre-not-using https://tweakyourbiz.com/technology/2015/04/13/15-best-iphone-apps-youre-not-using#comments Mon, 13 Apr 2015 18:00:35 +0000 https://tweakyourbiz.com/technology/?p=8263 There are in-numerous numbers of apps present in the App Store, but how many of us have ever tried out something that is completely new and unknown to us.

The post 15 Best iPhone Apps You’re Not Using appeared first on Tweak Your Biz.

There are in-numerous numbers of apps present in the App Store, but how many of us have ever tried out something that is completely new and unknown to us. Have we ever gone window shopping in our App Store to look for the apps that will help us in enhancing our iPhone experience? We rarely do that, instead we are happy with the facebook, angry birds, spotify and similar apps like these.

Once in a while, it’s worth just taking a walk through the unknown paths of the

#1. Google Translate

Wondering why you require this app? If you love to visit new places all over the world or if your job takes you to new countries, then you must have faced the language barrier lots of time. This Google Translate app ensures that you speak the new language correctly and without making use of internet connection. When you point your camera to a sign, the app will translate the whole text to your language, making it easier for you to understand and converse comfortably with the locals.

#2. Iconical

Most iPhone users crib about one thing and that is the absence of customization just like their Android counterparts. But, now they can also create a shortcut for their gmail or any other favorite apps and access it with a single tap from their home screen using Iconical.

#3. Fleksy 

If you find the iOS keyboards to be too boring for you, then you can download the Fleksy keyboard and have fun with the typing. It comes with auto correction, next word prediction and swipe typing.

Pumpic-features#4. Pumpic 

Have a teenage daughter or son, whom you need to monitor? Then Pumpic will help you in monitoring the calls, SMS, emails, surrounding noises and also the social media activity. This monitoring app is available with a monthly plan that you can avail.

#5. Apowersoft phone manager

Apowersoft phone manager is one such treasure that helps you in transferring files from your device to PC or vice versa, manage the music, videos, photos, etc. and also take screenshots with one click.Humin11-730x637

#6. Humin

Met a girl at the party, but forgot to ask her name! Fret not; Humin is here to help you out. You can just type in the right keyword like ‘Suzanne’s friend this week’ and the app will do the searching for you across social media and figure out the name. It is a free app, so you can easily try it out any time you want.

#7. Overcasts

This Overcasts app is created by the co-creator of Tumblr and it includes some interesting features like the Voice boost, smart speed, etc. This one also comes for free.

#8. VSCO cam

Now no need to carry your digital camera along with you everywhere. Instead, download VSCO cam for free and you will be able to tweak the setting manually to get a perfect click. In here, you will be able to adjust the focus, white balance, shutter speed, exposure compensation, etc. and also edit the image on a go. After the adjustment is done, you can post them on Facebook or Instagram right away.


#9. Dayre 

Want to have some fun, then download Dayre, which is similar to that of Tumblr. With the help of this app you can film snippets of your daily life by clicking pictures or recording audio clip or shooting videos. You can also pen down some thoughts of yours and publish it on the website designed by Dayre. You will be made available with the URL, which you can share with your friends and make them a part of your life as well.

#10. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield helps you protect your identity while browsing. The app hides all the information related to the browsing like the IP address, transmissions and also the Wi-Fi information and makes it look like you are browsing from a different country altogether. You can use it for free until the trial period is over.20140829-blog-post-ios8

#11. Wikitude 

If you are not aware of the new pub that has open just round the corner or the most happening places in the city, then you must download Wikitude and it will provide you with all the information on museums, parties, bars, pubs, general sightseeing around the city, theaters and what not! You can also have fun playing the games that are made available for you in this free app.

#12. Day One

Creating a diary of your own with all the required information stored in safely is now possible with the help of Day One. A personal record that includes various minute things can be recorded easily.

#13. Breeze

breeze_blog_header2In our busy life, we try to keep a track of all our appointments, but we forget to track our activities. Staying fit is important and if an app can motivate us to break our own records and set new ones every time, then the app is worth giving a try. Breeze is one such app, which customizes the daily goal on the basis of the activity that we have done in the previous week. No complicated charts are present; instead the app comes up with data that will help you in moving forward.

#14. WeChat

Keeping in touch with all your friends has become much easier now. You can create a group of 40 and enjoy endless chatting with them using emoticons or basic texting ising WeChat. Voice calls are also available, so now using your Wi-Fi connection or the phone plan, you can keep in touch with everyone you wish.081313-national-college-apps-venmo-logo.jpg

#15. Venmo

Venmo will help you in protecting the information of your bank account by connecting to it and in case you are expecting payment from someone, then this app will remind you of that too.


Tweak Your Biz is a thought leader global publication and online business community. Today, it is part of the Small Biz Trends stable of websites and receives over 300,000 unique views per month. Would you like to write for us?

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https://tweakyourbiz.com/technology/2015/04/13/15-best-iphone-apps-youre-not-using/feed 4
10 Essential Tools That Every Startup Needs https://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/2015/03/31/10-essential-tools-every-startup-needs https://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/2015/03/31/10-essential-tools-every-startup-needs#comments Tue, 31 Mar 2015 07:00:28 +0000 https://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/?p=23504 he cash-strapped start-ups have to cut down on their expenses wherever possible and these set of essential tools will help you accomplish significant tasks without having to shell out huge sums on trained personnel.

The post 10 Essential Tools That Every Startup Needs appeared first on Tweak Your Biz.

Building a startup is a long-term affair and getting your minimum viable product off the ground sooner rather than later has become a prerequisite, with over 500,000 startups taking off each year in the USA alone. Startups are now realising that the ingenious idea of theirs won’t last longer if it doesn’t take off earlier than planned for.

A startup usually has to be frugal in its operations and bigger investments on the labour pool or technologies aren’t feasible. This leads us to the reality that a startup and small business, has to get a lot of done in a comparatively much lesser time. To kick-start your small business, assuming that it isn’t backed up by thousands of dollars in angel funding or venture capital, you would need access to the ideal set of tools tailored just to suit your needs.

So, to get more startups up and running quickly, below are a list of the Best 10 Essential tools that every startup ought to make use of. These diverse set of tools will help you tackle all mundane, yet time-consuming tasks and save you a lot of your valuable time and expenditure untrained personnel.

#1. HootSuite

Social media is something a startup couldn’t ignore at any cost. With the rise of the Internet giving power to the people to reach out to a far wider audience, establishing and maintaining meaningful connection with your customers is essential.

There are tens of powerful social media platforms out there that you ought to be active upon and Hootsuite is just the right tool for managing all your social media platforms from a single tab. Be it with posting new updates across multiple social media platforms or tracking user activity on them, Hootsuite has your back with the ability to manage and schedule your social media posts. Their social media monitoring tools allow you to keep track of what fans are saying about your brand and respond to them instantly, building better relationship with your customers.

In addition to all this, you also get analytics of your social media profiles to keep track of what is working and what isn’t to change course. You can also collaborate with your team and let them lend their voice to the bigger cause of the startup.

#2. Desk

Salesforce’s Desk is one of the best and must have SaaS tools for every startup and small business alike for customer service management. Customer support is one of the most rudimentary part of a business and yet many start-ups have failed due to not valuing the customer’s voice in high regards.

Customer feedback is a great way to grow your startup even better and Desk’s customer management tool makes it even easier and quicker for you to have access to their cases and get things sorted out at your earliest. The tool also helps startups and small businesses to build ‘Help’ documentation and provide them with a self-service solution to let them find solutions for a few minor tasks themselves.

Satisfaction scores and performance monitoring makes it even easier for your startup to quickly get to the heart of problems and resolve them faster.Desk

#3. Comindware

Comindware is a company delivering workflow and project management solutions to small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. Comindware Tracker, Project and Team network are three of the best software solutions to manage your startup’s workflow better. To manage all your repetitive business’ tasks, documents and data,

Comindware’s Tracker software lets you collaborate with your team, make the key data accessible and workflow automated for better operations. The drag-and-drop graphical user interface makes it easy to create and manage team workflows. Comindware Project is a tool that makes project management easier with the ability to set and track priority tasks and key dates.

Comindware’s Team Network is the comprehensive internal team communication tool that would let your team keep all task-related discussions right in the task, manage documents collaboratively, and discuss specific matters beyond or across your projects in separate discussion rooms.Comindware

#4. Wave Apps

Wave Apps Accounting tool is a great free tool for startups and small businesses to keep track of their accounts and payment receipts. Getting all your numbers right is essential, no matter how negligible you might consider them at an initial stage. The best thing about this app is that it ties up with your PayPal or Bank account to make manual accounts entry look like a thing of the past. You can also generate professional balance sheets for your business, which are essential while trying to reach out to potential investors.

Their free unlimited invoicing and payroll features make it easier for small businesses to keep everything synchronized and accessible at a single place.Wave Apps

#5. Pipedrive

For start-ups without a standalone sales team and wanting to make the sales pipeline even simpler and easier to manage, Pipedrive’s visually appealing way of putting your sales data is truly effective. You can use the simple drag-and-drop interface to list and view your products based on the sales stage they are presently in. The timeline view of sales pipeline helps you focus better on the important activities and also lets you get back on track to work on deals that are to be closed sooner.

Now you can become your startup’s own sales manager and cut on the large personnel usually employed by big corporations.


6. DaPulse

DaPulse is one of the best team management solutions that have ever been created. This product helps startups keep track of the big picture and group people together to work collectively on the bigger motive of the startup. This is the place where your businesses’ higher level goals and motives are met with doable tasks and the people associated with them.

DaPulse makes it easier for you to assign people who lead a specific task and collaborate with them from a single place, keeping track of all the important tasks and to-do’s while on it.DaPulse

#7. Optimizely

Trusted by some of the major Fortune 500 companies, Optimizely is simply the best A/B testing tool that you will ever use. A/B testing is essential to every business at any stage of its existence, as a company ceases to grow further when it fails to adapt change. Tracking what isn’t working and making amends to get it right the next time around is made easier with A/B testing of your app or website. You can quickly get started on your website or app analytics with a clean visual editor and a simpler integration with different platforms.

The powerful web and mobile optimizations provides you with actionable data and a real-time ROI that lets you target your audience better.Optimizely

#8. WordPress

WordPress is a great way to get started on a blog for your startup. There are many blogging platforms available with their individual advantages and drawbacks to them, but to quickly get started on one without having to code much, WordPress would be a great choice. A blog is essential to startups these days and WordPress’s ubiquitous blogging platform can be used to create communities to share a blog among the internal team or make the posts. There are two variants of WordPress –the regular one can be accessed at WordPress.com and the self-hosted version at WordPress.org.

The comprehensive Content Management System makes sure that major part of your blogging endeavours are taken care of without you having to keep fidgeting with the code on your blog. The great community support for WordPress with thousands of available themes and plugins make it easily the widely accepted choice for a blogging platform.WordPress

#9. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is probably one of the most famous SaaS tool on this list and yet poses itself as an essential when it comes to building and maintaining your powerful E-mail subscribers. More than 7 Million users deliver over 500 million E-mails each day to their subscribers through this app. In addition to designing opt-in newsletters to let customers sign up, you can also manage your subscribers by taking a look at their individual profiles, which feature their level of engagement with your business.

Their advance analytics and reporting let you monitor sales and activity on your website through E-mail opt-ins. With complete flexibility over the design and accessibility, Mailchimp is clearly the best app for managing E-mail better for any business.Mailchimp

#10. Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Business is a comprehensive set of tools developed by Google – all in one place. These tools were built for communicating, collaborating and storing of essential data and managing the processes. Some of the major apps included here include the likes of Gmail, Google Drive, Hangouts, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Vault. Video and voice calling, storage space for essential data, Business E-mail addresses and easier collaboration are some of the essential features of Google Apps for Business that should appeal to every startup.

Built for small businesses and corporate companies alike, Google Apps for business is a set of tools that cannot be ignored.


The cash-strapped start-ups have to cut down on their expenses wherever possible and these set of essential tools will help you accomplish significant tasks without having to shell out huge sums on trained personnel. These set of tools range across different set of essential tasks that are crucial for the growth of a startup.

If you have any suggestion for a must-have tool for startups, feel free to share your tips in the comments section below.

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Pros and Сons of YouTube Video Hosting for Businesses https://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/2015/03/03/pros-%d1%81ons-youtube-video-hosting-businesses https://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/2015/03/03/pros-%d1%81ons-youtube-video-hosting-businesses#comments Tue, 03 Mar 2015 13:00:53 +0000 https://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/?p=23152 When we say "online video", we always think about YouTube. That is no longer a surprise that almost every company - from a small legal entity to a huge corporation runs their own YouTube business channel.

The post Pros and Сons of YouTube Video Hosting for Businesses appeared first on Tweak Your Biz.

When we say “online video”, we always think about YouTube. That is no longer a surprise that almost every company – from a small legal entity to a huge corporation runs their own YouTube business channel.

While no one can deny the unprecedented marketing benefit of such branded channels, there is one natural question: is it safe to host all company videos on YouTube in the heyday of various YouTube video downloaders? The obvious answer is “no”, since YouTube cannot guarantee that your video content will not be ripped and pirated. So let us discuss the pros and cons of YouTube video hosting for business and check out the possible alternatives of this means.


Free and unlimited video hosting

The truth is that YouTube is one of the rare video streaming services that offers high quality video hosting for free. So it makes YouTube really attractive for all businesses, since companies can also customize their channel appearance in an easy way. Another plus is unlimited video storage: you are free to publish as many video clips as you wish. No extra charges will be asked.

Lead generation for your business

YouTube already has one billion audience and it is unreasonable not to take advantage of it. Even if you do nothing special for your video promotion on YouTube, be sure that your content will gain regular views and generate additional leads to your site or product. Another great thing is that YouTube videos are indexed by Google, so if they are well optimized, your videos can also bring you a good deal of search traffic.

Have a look at the example below: here’s a video from YouTube is on the first page of search results for “used cars” query.

Easy embedding & sharing

Once you have uploaded your company videos to YouTube site, you may easily embed them to your corporate website or share on any social media channels. The videos will be played equally well on a desktop PC, Mac, or any mobile gadget, since YouTube automatically creates several different video variations supported by all known web browsers. Besides, there are special apps for top mobile platforms which serve your online videos in a user-friendly way.

Brand promotion

YouTube offers a number of solutions for businesses wishing to advertise their brands. These include various video ads, promoted videos, overlay ads, sponsored search results, and some others. Thus, you may easily attract more attention to your brand by using YouTube video hosting platform. The only drawback is that video advertising is more expensive than context and banner ads.


Intrusive advertising

YouTube is full of promotional content and whether you want it or not, it will be associated with your videos. Especially, if you use third-party materials like an audio track or video parts from existing movies, YouTube will automatically show video or overlay advertising on your videos. This is done due to YouTube Content ID technology, which contributes to fair use of copyrighted content. If your content coincides with some piece from the fingerprints database, you’ll see the ad on your video as on the example below.


Proximity of competitors

Also, note that your company videos will be always surrounded by the related video content from your competitors. As a result, YouTube visitors may easily distract from your message, switch to other videos, and finally proceed to your competitor site. Once you have invested time, money, and possibly advertising budget, that is not a very good perspective, is it?

Your videos may be ripped off

How do you like the idea that your company videos may easily occur on other YouTube channels, sites, DVD compiles, or on personal computers of anyone who wants to save them? If you host your company videos on YouTube, you can easily get such a spreading with the help of various YouTube downloaders, for which just your video URL is enough to get the whole video offline.

Poor video customization

How many color schemes for YouTube player did you see? It is only one for ordinary users! Can you add more controls to the standard YouTube player? Hardly so. Of course, there are some customization options available for embedded videos like “show suggested videos”, “show player controls”, but these solutions can hardly help your videos fit your company’s website. However, you can still get the benefits of YouTube custom channels; you have to invest a good sum of money into advertising.

So what’s the bottom line?

It all depends on the goals you pursue. If you are looking for publicity and low-cost video promotion, please welcome to YouTube. Still keep in mind that you may spend time and money in vain if there would be countless video content from competitors.

What are the alternatives? You may upload your company videos to other video hosting sites like Vimeo or Dailymotion. Still the problems will be the same as on YouTube, while the benefits become less evident.

Another option is to buy a custom video hosting. SproutVideo or Wistia offer plans from $25/month for businesses. Here you need not worry about your video security, customization, and closeness of competitors. Still it requires good money if used on a regular basis.

I think the most appropriate option is to host videos on your own website. At first sight, it may seem a bit challenging, since you need to prepare videos in special Flash or HTML5 format and write the code for embedding them. However, with free software like Freemake Video Converter, this task will take just a couple of minutes. You will need to add your videos, choose FLV, SWF or HTML5 format, and grab web prepared videos and code for website integration.


The benefits are the same, while cost is zero. Therefore, with no special web mastering skills required, you can easily add any of your company videos to the official website or blog and be sure that no one will misuse them or turn in your competitors’ favor.


Tweak Your Biz is a thought leader global publication and online business community. Today, it is part of the Small Biz Trends stable of websites and receives over 300,000 unique views per month. Would you like to write for us?

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Top 10 Growth Hacking Tips for Early Stage Start-ups https://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/2015/02/23/top-10-growth-hacking-tips-early-stage-start-ups https://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/2015/02/23/top-10-growth-hacking-tips-early-stage-start-ups#comments Mon, 23 Feb 2015 07:00:23 +0000 https://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/?p=22962 The growth and scaling of startups is one of the most daunting tasks a marketer ever faces. No matter how ingenious your startup idea is, at one or another point, you would have to find someone to steer it to its glorious prime.

The post Top 10 Growth Hacking Tips for Early Stage Start-ups appeared first on Tweak Your Biz.

The growth and scaling of startups is one of the most daunting tasks a marketer ever faces. No matter how ingenious your startup idea is, at one or another point, you would have to find someone to steer it to its glorious prime.

Technology and internet startups often have to face the gruelling question of how will they manage to convince more customers and users to join them. The ‘Build it, they will come’ attitude doesn’t work for start-ups and marketing it’s services is a must. This is when the startups seem to come to a grinding halt. Marketing is perceived as a thing for the Fortune 500companies, with substantial budgets to spare. But the thing is, even start-ups can ‘growth hack’ their way to scaling and eventual success.

Start-ups, usually confined to a limited budget, would achieve some major payoffs if they took ‘Growth hacking’ seriously. Even the decently funded startups could make the most of growth hacking techniques to drive more customers to their services and in turn, increase sales. According to the World Startup Report, there are over 140,000 new startups at the end of the previous year alone, with a majority of them outside the USA. With this start-up boom, it has become even harder to stand out of the crowd just with a distinctive idea and the quality of the product. What matters more is who attracts and retains customer better.

Knowledge of consumer centric actions is essential to relentlessly pursuing growth strategies.

What is Growth Hacking and how could it help your startup?

‘Growth hacking’ is a fairly newer marketing concept, coined by Sean Ellis, the founder of Qualaroo, in 2010. Growth hacking is all about making the most of knowledge of consumer actions and using it for the company’s growth. Growth hacking does not involve gigantic marketing budgets; instead it is more specifically focused on growth and scaling the startup. It is all about making the people talk about your startup instead of you going ear-to-ear marketing your services. Growth hacking is entirely different to traditional marketing with the primary focus being on social media, viral marketing and whose ‘

The early adopters are the key to a start-up’s success and make sure you are not disappointing them. Once you stop appealing to them, it would be much harder to get to your next goal of acquiring customers. Be active on sites like Betali.st, that showcase up and coming startups that will soon be going into beta mode. Get your early customers from such services and provide your early adopters with valuable information and informative newsletters.

#2. Leverage your social media and other free channels

Write great content and publish it on multiple free platforms like Facebook, Quora, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vine and much more. The audience are always interested in learning a thing or two on the web and provide them with those informative or entertaining snippets. These free services would drive more traffic to your blog and in turn more conversions. Make use of tools like IFTTT to automate the process of sharing on these free services and save you valuable time.

#3. Monitor the web and engage with amazing content

Keep track of the latest trends in your industry and make sure you react retrospectively to it by creating relevant and amazing content. Blog more frequently and also consider guest blogging to drive more traffic and conversions to your website. Create alerts for business trends and follow them up with timely blog articles and social media updates. Guest posting on other blogs increases your chances of enhancing your brand identity considerably. Consider writing list posts like business motivational quotes and such that tend to perform the most. You can also invite writers to do guest posting at your blog and ask them to link the same on their blog, improving your online visibility considerably.

#4. Make use of Remarketing


Remarketing is a cost effective way, albeit a creepy one on the internet, but has proven to show amazing CTR and response from users. The attention span of users on the internet is on a rapid fall and remarketing helps catch the attention of only those users who have already shown an interest in your services. Remarketing caters advertisements to only those users who have searched for your brand or its services on the web, or have browsed through your webpage for learning more about your services. Targeting your campaigns towards such users while not overdoing on the frequency could work wonders for your startup.

#5. Reward recurring users with incentives

Maximising your conversion rates and rewarding your consistent and frequent users with incentives is essential as a startup. Loyalty programs will work for startups and rewarding your business’s loyal customers is a great way to make them revisit your site and they are your potential long-term customers. Codebase provides incentives to its users who have registered for a 15-day trial with a follow-up email to convert them into paying users at a later point of time.

#6. Take Collaboration to the next level

Collaborating or partnering with another influential business could help your startup in more ways than one. Mutual marketing campaigns help entrepreneurs flourish by making them work together instead of working against one other. Join forces with someone else, promote each other for free and spread a word about your startup faster. You choose your partners, so you would be driving targeted potential customers to your startup and the work is half done.

#7. Ask for and Get endorsements

Make use of a combination of paid and unpaid endorsements with the unpaid one usually taking it up from the paid one organically. You can pay an online celebrity or someone with a huge following on social media to endorse your product and you can get more free endorsements through organic links on the web. Startups that get endorsed by well-known and trusted celebs on the web tend to perform better and convert faster. Everyday users will be compelled to learn more about your startup and services when they are endorsed by these set of online users.

#8. Provide free products that go with your services

Now who doesn’t love a freebie on the web? Offer your users or potential customers free incentives that go hand in hand with the services you offer. This allows them to try out your paid services if they are satisfied with what your free products have to offer. You can also consider offering a free informative e-book that could drive more email subscribers to your startup. You can look at how Moz.com offers free SEO tools and services in the belief that it would compel users to subscribe to their paid subscriptions and it did work out pretty well for them.

#9. Force Virality

dropbox (2)

Forced virality is something you can achieve by incentivizing distributions on your webpage, by offering up something in return for distributing your content or products. You can offer something in return for a social share or sharing on multiple social media networks about your startup. One such wonderful example is how Dropbox provided its users with an additional 3GB storage space to everyone who shared about their services on social media. This strategy at Dropbox was implemented by Sean Ellis, the man himself who coined ‘Growth hacking’.

#10. Track your product and listen to customer feedback

You can use a powerful heat maps tool like CrazzyEgg to track detailed metrics about your website and learn why you are underperforming on conversions and work on it. You can visualize activity on your webpage and place your CTA buttons where users are most likely to click. You can minimize your bounce rates and improve your conversion rates by useful information from such services. While you are building an efficient startup, take care to listen to your customers and keep an eye for constructive criticism and feedback to work and improve on those specific areas.

These are few of the effective growth hacking tips, while there are many more strategies to improve your startup further. If you have other advice or suggestions to growth hack a startup, feel free to share them below.

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Tweak Your Biz is a thought leader global publication and online business community. Today, it is part of the Small Biz Trends stable of websites and receives over 300,000 unique views per month. Would you like to write for us?

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