Aashish Sharma


Should the Community Manager Need to Be an SEO Expert?

Besides the fact that a community manager anime communities that research commitment and multiple actions in this direction … it is also there to ensure the visibility of its structure, brand etc … The independent community managers have also a wider role in the support of their customers on the Internet. They are implementing digital strategies, […]
January 28, 2019 158 Reads share


6 Steps to Create an Effective B2b Marketing Strategy

Want to create a winning B2B marketing strategy? Start by asking yourself what your goal is. For most marketers, the biggest challenge in B2B is lead generation. Once the goal, how to boost your lead generation? In a few years, the web has revolutionized the way of designing B2B marketing. How To Create A Successful B2B Marketing Strategy   […]
January 21, 2019 292 Reads share

How to Increase Customer Value Through Marketing Automation

The concept of customer value corresponds to a significant shift in sales analysis, moving away from the traditional “how many sales” indicator for a more method-oriented approach “how were these sales made”. More than the result, it allows you to look into the process of “doing business”. Yet, while its understanding is simple (much simpler than […]
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15 Best iPhone Apps You’re Not Using

There are in-numerous numbers of apps present in the App Store, but how many of us have ever tried out something that is completely new and unknown to us.
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